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Gwen Stefani is moved to tears after Ellen DeGeneres tells her “she deserves everything she has”

Gwen Stefani appeared at "Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday where she moved to tears.(Getty) Gwen Stefani moved to tears in…

Gwen Stefani moved to tears in a later look at “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

On Tuesday, the 49-year-old singer of DeGener’s talk show stopped and found himself fighting back tears that DeGeneres complimented her.

“Gwen deserves all she has,” began the 60-year-old. “She deserves this love. She deserves the life she has and the career she has because she has been a lot.”

“You will make me cry!” Stefani answered before she found herself in tears.

Gwen Stefani on “Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday.

“Wow, now I cry!” she admitted moments later. “On TV too! I love you.”

DeGeneres continued to share how she hated seeing what Stefani went through.

“You do not deserve it,” said DeGeneres. “You just deserve everything. I’m happy for you as your friend.”

It was obvious that DeGeneer’s comments left the former “Voice” coach as a grace for a tissue.

“Therefore, I love her so much because she does not even understand how good you are,” said DeGeneres.

Although the two did not address exactly what they referred to in Stefani’s life, they may have hung on “Just A Girl” singer’s divorce from 19 years old, Gavin Rossdale.

In 2015, the last couple called three children together – the sons Apollo, 4, Zuma, 10, Kingston, 12 -.

While neither Rossdale, 53, nor Stefani has publicly spoken of what caused their divorce, several media reports reported at the time claiming that Rossdale had an ongoing affair with her childhood girl.

Stefani has since moved on with the land star Blake Shelton.

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