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Gunman in stock at the workplace is now dead

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Gunman in stock at the workplace is now dead

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WEBVTT We start with new news. DOUG: ARMED, DANGEROUS AND ON RUN TONIGHT. We have been on the air for the past few weeks, to help you and your family safe as the police are looking for a man they think many people in a garage. DOUG: AND WE HAVE LIVE TEAM DELAY FOR YOU. We have eight reporters covering all the hands in this story. For hours, they’ve got the latest information for you. HERE’S MANPOLITIN SAFETY, ATTENTION MELTON. APD tells us that he was an employee at the building where the shoot was on. We know some other things about him. 30 years old, thought he went to 6:15 in the evening and shot three people, all listed in critical condition. DOUG: We did not learn much from his side, a lot on himself, but as NANCY LAFLIN CUSTOMS US, HIS SERVICES PAGE HAS EVERY POSSIBLE DISTURBATIONS WE CAN NOT CAN BE SET UP TO AIR. Try to learn more, but that’s all we claim from his social media. >> Almost four hours, not far from sunset, just west of the track. Let’s go to JUSTIN MATTHEWS, which unites America’s life with everything he knows. JUSTIN: A TERRIFYING SCENE FOR SO MUCH HOURS. ALBUQUERQUE POLICE DEPARTMENT SAYS 20 EMPLOYEES WITHIN A KEITH FOODS DISTRIBUTION CENTER HERE ON BROADWAY BOULEVARD. At least thirty people were taken to the hospital, one of them in crisis. RED AND BLUE POLISH LIGHTS PACK BROADWAY BOULEVARD WHEN WOODWARD ROAD. ALBUQUERQUE POLICE DEPARTMENT SELLS AN RESPONSIBILITY FOR SHIPPING IN BEN E. KEITH FOOD DIVISION CENTER. >> THE ROAD ANTHONY MELTON, WHO IS NOT IN THE CUSTOMER. Justin: This is what the APD says the subject looks like. APD OFFICER SIMON DROBIK SELLS THE HOUSE A 24-hour operation, so it was employed at work when the shot was on. I SPOOSE WITH ANY MANY OF CAMERA THAT SELL ME, YOU LOVE THE INSIDANCE THAT WILL BE THEM AND LET THEM WHO WAS OK. A woman I talk to says that her boyfriend had just worked and could move and shoot immediately after hearing. Official Drobik says the distribution center is a very large warehouse. >> DO NOT TRY TO SEARCH THIS BUILDING, THAT IT IS SUCH A VERY VERKHUS. OUR TACTICAL TEAMS ARE SEARCHING. JUSTIN: A SWAT TEAM IS ON THE SCEN, PRESSING TO DAMAGE HOME. A SWAT TEAM – SELL ALWAYS – POLICY SURE WHAT ANTHONY MELTON IS ARMAS AND DANGEROUS. Investigators plan to be out here for hours, even tomorrow morning. LIVE IN ALBUQUERQUE, JUSTIN MATTHEWS, KOAT ACTION 7 NYHETER. SHELLY: We are listening to how this very sharp situation it did not meet. DOUG: ACTION 7 NEWS REPORT SHELLYE BOOK LISTENED TO POLICE RADIO RECORDINGS WHEN THE RING ONE WILL BE SUBJECT. KAY: We have listened to almost two hours of cassettes. FROM THE FIRST POINT, PUBLISHING THAT IT WAS AN ACTIVE SHOOT SITUATION TO THE OTHER NAME OF THE SUSPECT NAME. ALBUQUERQUE POLICE SENDS THE RING TOGETHER 6:15. >> APD ADVICE It is ready to write, but we do not know if the shooter is still on SCENE. We do not know if the shooter is still on SCENE. KAY: AN ACTIVE SENDER ON BEN E. KEITH FOODS NEW MEXICO. >> UNITS ARE ABOVE. Right now, there may be two patients, they are still trying to figure it out. Kay: You Listen to POLICY RADIO RECORDINGS, AS THE SITUATION FOLKADE. >> BE SURE THE GUY IS NOT. >> IT IS UNKNOWN. We cleaned from south to north, in 100 years, we will keep what we have now. We got the two views. KAY: UP HOUR MINUTES SENDED OUT WILL SHOOT BE. >> YOUR APPLICANT IS A GUY NAMED WADE MELTON, IT IS A REMEDY RESPONSIBLE. He will be your football player. KAY: APD SELLS MELTON IS RUNNING AND SELLING ALL IN THE AREA TO BE HELD ON THE HOST HERE THAT IS AFFECTED. SHELLYE LEGGETT, KOAT ACTION 7 NEWS. SHELLY: CHRIS GUARDARO HAS LIVED ALL WORLDS IN UNMH, THE THREE VICTIMS WERE TAKEN. The last we hear, they are in critical condition. CHRIS: As we speak, doctors are working to save the lives of these three witnesses in this shoot. YOU AND MH SELL THAT YOU DO NOT UPDATE THE STATUS OF YOUR VICTIMS ANY TONIGHT AFTER THAT INCLUDED THIS HOSPITAL IN CRITICAL INFORMATION. AFTER CONTROL WITH PRESBYTERIC HOSPITAL, EDITING THE TOTAL NUMBER OF HUMAN INSURANCE IN THIS BUILDING IS THREE. CRITICAL PRINCIPLES, LIFE TREATMENT DAMAGES. HOWEVER GIVED FOR 20 TO 25 MINUTES AFTER THE WORK OF THE SHICK AND DOES NOT SEE – SEE AMBULANTS THAT ARE LOADED. That means the answer was good for the sites. As soon as we read something about the witnesses or the answer, we will know. LIVE IN ALBUQUERQUE, CHRIS GUARDARO, KOAT ACTION 7 NEWS. DOUG: MEASURES NEWS REPORTORS CARISSA ARMAS SELLS REPORTORS SHOULD BE HELD. Marissa: The employees I speak with said Wade Melton was a nice guy and they are surprised he was responsible for doing this. I speak to Ortaga’s dominance, who works in the building. He was released at two this afternoon and the shot took place around 6:00. HIS MANAGER CALLED TO LET HER KNOW ON THE SITUATION OF THE ACTIVE SCENE. They have worked together since 2012 and the last time they speak two days ago. A former employee who did not want the name told me he was surprised MELTON is simply capable of this. >> I WORKED I WAS A GREAT DUDE. YOU KNOW, He was always more than helping you, but other than his kind of waiting and just doing his job. MARISSA: RIGHT NOW, EMPLOYEES, MANAGERS, LET YOU KNOW ABOUT THE SITUATION ANY PROMPTLY, AND THE RIGHT NOW MAY MADE THAT IT WILL NOT HAVE TO TAKE TOMORROW. MARISSA ARMAS, KOAT ACTION 7 NEWS. SHELLY: BRANDON EVANS IS LIFE AND CALLS ABOUT THE TRUCK SUSPECT CAN BE RUNED. BRANDON: WE ARE ON BROADWAY AND WEST MICCO ABOUT A BLOCK FROM WHAT SHEET HAPPENED. WE HAVE ANY INFORMATION FOR YOU ABOUT THE SUSPECTED SHOOTS WADE ANTHONY MELTON POLICE IS ALREADY APPLICABLE. We know that the manufacturer and the model and vehicle type plate can drive. 1999 BLACK MAZDA B300 CLUB CAB, A BLACK PICKUP TRUCK. THE PLACE IS A NEW MEXICO LICENSE PLATE 917RS Anyone who sees WANT ANTHONY MELTON, DO NOT USE HOME. You must call 911 immediately. ON BROADWAY AND WEST MACRO, BRANDON EVANS. DOUG: PHOTOGRAPHING HOPPED AFTER 6:00 AND WE HAVE LIVED DECISION FOR THREE PLUS HOURS. We only happened with the night shift to start. SHELLY: PERHAPS HIS DOES NOT GO TO START THE DAY. CHRISTINE PAE IS LIVE WITH US AND GET OUT OF THE UNITED STATES UNDER THE TIME LINE IF THIS HAS BEEN HELD. CHRISTINE: A QUICK ROUNDOWN OF USE ABOVE IF YOU WILL BE IN US NOW. 6:15, ALBUQUERQUE POLICE CALLED REPORTED THE ACTIVE SHOT WITH MULTIPLE DAMAGES AND 7:54 AM, UNM HOSPITAL THAT HAVE THE THREE WITTERS FROM SCENEN, AS AN ALL LIST OF CRITICAL INFORMATION. Soon after 3:30 – 8:30, SUSPEKTENS 30-YEAR OLD WADE ANTHONY MELTON. He is currently working on the plant and at 9:00 AM, APD says they have cleared the BEN E KEITH warehouse and have not found any other witnesses. LEAST A DOS, PERHAPS 30 OR SUCH OF THESE POLICY AREAS LEAVED THE AREA. We are on Broadway North of Gibson and we will give you some updates as they come in. CHRISTINE PAE, KOAT ACTION 7 NEWS. DOUG: 20 people were in the department store when the shot started. KAY DIMANCHE has heard what they had to say. SHELLY: I just got an update. KAY: EMPLOYEES COMPANIES I DO NOT SELL YOUR NAME. They grow up above the shooting tone. THE EMPLOYEE SELLS THAT I WAS INSIDEN WHEN ANTHONY MELTO OPEN FIRE. They say that one of the three people shot toncht was a supervisor. THEY ARE NOT SAFETY IF THE END OF THE SUPERVISOR HAS BEEN LAST AND DO NOT KNOW THAT HE HAD BEEN FIRED FROM COMPANY E. KEITH. I ALBUQUERQUE, KAY DIMANCHE. DOUG: We are associated with our law management expert and NANCY LAFLIN. YOU HAVE TALKING TO SOURCES. NANCY: We see the HELICOPTER, THE GOVERNMENT FOCUSED IN THIS AREA. We know he lives in this area, so chances are he is in this vicinity ofwarehouse where the shooting site stops. DOUG: NICK GIVES US FROM THE SCENES ON THIS. They’ve got a lot of keys to this puzzle. YOU MAKE SIGNIFICANT, SELLING THE PROBABLE ON IT? NICK: I see that they are closing in. They focus on where they believed the individual is. HE HAS RESTED IN THE AREA, APPARENTLY. There have been no reports about somewhere in the south or north, but he is in the area and I would like to respond, we can solve us quickly. DOUG: The delay where APD entered the facility and finally cleaned it, the product we also talked about, NANCY mentioned, he lives close. OPTIONS OVER IT MUST GO INSIDE AND WAIT FOR MORAN’S. – WARRANTS. NICK: I would think that the insurance would be necessary – WARRANTY WILL BE REQUIRED. IF A DYNAMIC INTERPRETATION SHOULD BE ON, THEM, THEN, BUT IT’S FOCUSED ON A SPECIAL PLACE AND INDIVIDUAL. The good news is that there are no more people driving around at different locations. It is focused on the area. INDIVIDUALS ARE DANGEROUS AND WITHOUT IT. If he is still with us NANCY: His image is all about social media and the news. We have been aired again. He does not have a lot of opportunities. DOUG: And it was a look at the confused. THIS IS 30 YEARS OLD WOOD ANTHONY MELTON, THAT IS A EMPLOYEE OF ONE OF THREE ACTIVITIES IN THIS VERKHUS. WE ARE NOT SAFE HERE, AS ONE, BUT IT IS SUSPECT THAT APPLIES. They think he is meanwhile – very close and unbelievable they are true in where he was sent in CUSTODY. SHELLY: SO MUCH USING THE COMMUNITY AND ATTORNEY GENERAL HECTOR IS BASED ON TONIGHT, I SELL, Invite My Prayers and Support to the Witnesses and Families involved in this Armed Forces. Please keep waking up, as the bidder is thought to be hurt and dangerous. IF YOU SEE THE SELLER, DO NOT USE HOME. INSTEAD, CONTACT CONTACT 911 IMMEDIATELY. We continue to follow these new news. OUR COVER CONTINUED

Gunman in the warehouse’s workplace shooting is now dead

What happened?

Albuquerque Police Department confirmed that three people were shot inside a warehouse on Monday at 6

Where did this happen?

The shot shot on a warehouse at 3205 Broadway Boulevard SE. Police say there were 20 people in the middle when the shot started.

Who’s the shooter?

Officials identified the shooter as 30-year-old Waid Anthony Melton. He was employed at the warehouse, his motive is unknown.

Is the shooter in storage?

Earlier Tuesday morning, a detective with the Albuquerque Police Department confirmed the shooter’s death in Placitas.

Who are the victims?

Victims have not been identified. Officials of the University of New Mexico Hospital confirmed that they have three victims in critical condition.

This is a developing story. Stay with KOAT for updates.


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