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Guaranteed laughs at Fortnite: the shopping cart arrives instead of vehicles

478 A few days ago, Epic Games advanced one of the novelties of the new patch v4.3. The video game…


A few days ago, Epic Games advanced one of the novelties of the new patch v4.3. The video game of the moment would receive its particular vehicle for players to move around the map. And we say particular given that that rolling object is none other than a shopping cart. The first games of users making use of it have led to great laughter.

Epic Games does not fail. After advancing some of the news that would come with the next patch for Fortnite Battle Royale, the company has taken a sigh to make it a reality. And is that today is available the update of the game whose main novelty is the introduction of shopping carts as vehicles to use.

Fortnite adds shopping carts

Although the developer of the game did not initially value the introduction of vehicles in Fortnite Battle Royale, it did make us a nod to the possibility of including similar objects. What we could not imagine is that they were going to add a shopping cart.

Yes, as can be seen in both the official video and the first games recorded by users, players can now find themselves on the map with this particular four-wheel vehicle.

While the purpose is not to move faster, the shopping cart at Fortnite Battle Royale offers some advantages. We can slightly accelerate the march by climbing on the ledge while pushing it. It is also possible to jump down precipices and ramps, a situation that, due to the final result of the subsequent fall, can cause good laughs among the players of a game.

In the same way, the shopping cart can be used either individually or with the help of a partner. And is that while we move, a second player can get into the shopping cart and shoot at discretion.

Other news of the patch V4.3

Although the introduction of the shopping cart as a vehicle in Fortnite Battle Royale is the most striking of the novelties, it is not the only one. Epic Games has published all of these in an extensive list that contains a good number of corrections and optimizations aimed at improving the Fortnite gaming experience.

Also, this update includes the second version of limited time modes Blitz and Teams of 20, as well as other new features in Save the world mode. Similarly, the patch includes voice chat in the mobile version and a new object, the mushrooms, which you can find in wooded areas and swamps. They add 5 points to the shield, with a maximum of 100. You can see all the changes that arrive at Fortnite Battle Royale in the official list .

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