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Great inflatable colon stolen from Kansas City Hospital

October 21, 2018 Health 1 Views The inflatable colon shown here is stolen from a pickup truck in Kansas City.…

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KSNW) – An inflatable colon has been stolen from the University of Kansas Cancer Center.

Colonel, valued at $ 4000, stole from a pickup car parked in Brookside, Kansas City.

“Color vessel screening is the most powerful weapon we have against colorectal cancer,” John Ashcraft, DO, a surgical oncologist at the University of Kansas Cancer Center said. Ashcraft is also a member of the research program for cancer prevention and survival. “Colon cancer is a tough topic for many to talk about and the giant, 150 pound, ten foot long inflatable colon is a good conversation start.”

The Canceralition has an inflatable colon. Organization hosts run and run events for a campaign called “Get Your Reverse Switch.”

The organization sends inflatable colonies across the country for events. The colon was on the way the 5K that was scheduled to start at 9:00 on Swope Park when stolen.

The authorities ask the public to call the Kansas City Police with no information about the stolen colon.

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