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Great Earthquake Mount Anchorage, Alaska, which causes “major infrastructure damage”: Officials

A massive earthquake, – records 7.0 magnitude according to U.S. Geological Survey – Rocked Anchorage, Alaska Friday, sending junk crashes…

A massive earthquake, – records 7.0 magnitude according to U.S. Geological Survey – Rocked Anchorage, Alaska Friday, sending junk crashes to the ground, damaging buildings and causing “major infrastructure damage,” officials said.

The quake occurred about 7.5 miles north of the city, USGS reported, and officials said residents there should stand for aftershocks. A tsunami warning was issued but later interrupted.

Those caught by the tribes described violent shaking as “just did not stop”. It was not immediately clear if there were injuries, but the Anchorage police said the damage was extensive.

“There are major infrastructure damage over Anchorage. Many homes and buildings are damaged,” the department said in a bulletin. “Many roads and bridges are closed. Stay away from the roads if you do not have to drive. Search for safe protection. Check out your surroundings and dear.”

Chugach Electric, which provides power to the area, said that 21,000 customers were without electricity.

The state’s former governor, Sarah Palin, tweeted that her family’s home lasting harm.

She wrote a message that started with the prayer happens emoji and continued to write “Our family is intact – the house is not … I imagine there are so many, many others. So grateful to be sure, pray for our state after the earthquake. “

And President Donald Trump was informed of the earthquake, according to a tweet from the White House’s press secretary Sarah Sanders.

Melody Blankenship, Business Director at ABC affiliate KYUR, said it was “this sudden shake so suddenly this really high noise crash.”

“It came to the point where we entered the door and it did not end,” said Blankenship.

She said they felt a aftershock “not even five minutes later.” She said Friday’s earthquake was “the strongest” she felt in the last 35 years she has lived in Alaska.

Dr. Lucy Jones, founder of Dr. Lucy Jones Center for Science and Society and a former scientist at USGS, told ABC News that “it’s a rather big earthquake”.

She said that Alaska’s earthquake was about the size of the earthquake in San Francisco in 1989, causing landslides and widespread damage, and those in Alaska “would have known the same shakes”.

A Twitter user posted a video from a local grocery store that shows how stored food was thrown on the floor.

A student in Alaska posted a video on Twitter that shows the lights in her art room and shakes, and cabinets seem to have been opened because of the shocks.

“Earthquake was happening right now, I’m actually shaking,” wrote the student Alyson Petrie.

Anchorage School District sent a message to the parents on their Twitter account.

“We hope everyone is safe after the earthquake. We assess building safety and damage now. We will update society when new information comes in. Meanwhile, parents and guardians are feeling safe to choose yours children up from school “wrote the school district.

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