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Grape Chrisman of Ohio State Buckeye Pin Michigan State Spartans within 5 out of five points

November 10, 2018 Sports 2 Views EAST LANSING, Mich. – In a sloppy matchup between two top 25 teams, the…

EAST LANSING, Mich. – In a sloppy matchup between two top 25 teams, the Ohio State points the Grape Chrisman stole show, Buckeyes pin Michigan help the state state in 5-yard line five times in the second half of a 26-6 victory Saturday.

His performance finally made him a postgame interview on television, an interview coach Urban Meyer jokingly said he was not aware.

“I would not let him [get interviewed] I had it known as happened,” said Meyer with a smile.

Chrisman’s performance went to a rocky start. He shook a 4-yard point in the first quarter that could have set the tone for the game and the rest of his time in the field, but he solved points to 1-, 2-, 3-, 5- and 6-yard lines.

Overall, Chrisman had nine points for an average of 37.8 meters, with a length of 53. In total, he released six points within the 20-yard line.

Meyer ran again thinking of busting Chrisman after his shaft, but there was no one else to replace him.

“I do not think I knew how strong the wind was [on the shanked punt]”, said Chrisman. “[It] drove it out of my hand just outside the drop, came from the foot about 10 rows deep into the bleach.

” When you have a point then … I do not know where it is ranked in Ohio State’s worst points in history, but it’s definitely my worst point. I was just like, “Man, I just got the ball out after this.” “

Redshirt sophomore did it and more that helped No. 10 Ohio State win the field positioning game by attaching Michigan State Deep to its own territory. With 18th ranking the Michigan state within its own 2-yard line, the Spartans snapped the ball from the end of the end zone on the fourth side and took a security to try to flip the field back to their favor. [19659002] When asked after the match to be interviewed on television and entered the postgame press conference, Chrisman had fun with his first time to answer questions.

“This is the first time on TV after the match, and I did not even know that this room was there so we’ll see how it goes,” Chrisman said. “I’ve seen guys [get interviewed on TV] after the match, but al trick and punter. I’ve seen the kicker a couple of times, met some link field goals, but did not know that it was possible to be a punter. “[19659014]
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