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Government denies Oracle's protest at $ 10B Pentagon JEDI Cloud RFP – TechCrunch

When Oracle launched a protest in August with the Government Accountancy Office (GAO) that the Pentagon's $ 10 billion JEDI…

When Oracle launched a protest in August with the Government Accountancy Office (GAO) that the Pentagon’s $ 10 billion JEDI RFP process was unfair, there was no chance of success. Today GAO turned away the protest.

The JEDI agreement has been established as a winner-take-all deal. With 10 billion dollars on the table, there have been a lot of teeth and complains that the tire has been stacked to benefit Amazon sales. The Pentagon has strongly denied this, but Oracle and IBM have not ceased to complain high from the go-go that there were problems with how RFP is set up.

At least with the Oracle complaint, the idea of ​​rest today. First and foremost, GAO made it clear that the winner-all-alignment was good and stated that “the Ministry of Defense’s decision to pursue an assigned strategy to have these cloud services complies with applicable statutes (and regulations) because agency reasonably determined that an assigned The approach is in the best interests of the government for various reasons, including national security considerations, as permitted by law. “

The statement claimed that GAO did not find that the Pentagon favored any supplier during the RFP period. “GAO’s decision also concludes that the Department of Defense provided reasonable support for all the procurement rules that Oracle claims exceeded the Agency’s needs.” Finally, GAO found no evidence of conflicts of interests on DOD’s part, as Oracle had proposed.

Oracle has been unhappy since the start of this process, as far as co-ordinator Safra Catz has made his complaint directly to the president at a meeting last April before the RFP period had even been opened.

As I wrote in an article in September, Oracle was not the only supplier who thought Amazon was favorite:

The belief among the various other players is that Amazon is in the driver of this bid, possibly because they delivered a 600 million dollar contract for government in 201

3, stands up a private cloud for the cia. There was a big deal back in the day on a couple of levels. First of all, it was the first large-scale example of an intelligence agency using a public cloud supplier. And of course, the money was quite impressive at the moment, not $ 10 billion impressive, but a nice contract.

Regardless of the fact that the RFP submission period ended last month. Pentagon is expected to select the supplier in April 2019, despite Oracle’s protest.

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