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GOP team masters Steve Kings rhetoric under review in connection with Pittsburgh shooting

King, together with other GOP legislators and President Donald Trump, is now at the heart of a national debate on…

King, together with other GOP legislators and President Donald Trump, is now at the heart of a national debate on whether and to what extent political rhetoric has contributed to the recent attacks after the fatal synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh and the series of explosive devices recently sent to Trump critics.

But King is particularly critical of comments that he has criticized the diversity of the United States and immigration, as well as George Soros, a Jewish billionaire and democratic donor. Soros, along with prominent democrats such as former Democratic presidential Hillary Clinton and former President Barack Obama, were among those exposed to explosive units.

King has also been reviewed for his latest approval of Faith Goldy earlier this month to be the next mayor of Toronto. Goldy is a controversial figure in Canadian politics that has questioned whether Canada is facing a “white genocide”.

The Royal Office did not immediately return CNN’s request for comments. But he defended himself in an interview with Washington Post after the shot in Pittsburgh and said he is not anti-Semitic. “How do you call Steve King anti-Semitic?” he said, saying that it was “a special place in hell” for people who commit violence that are religious or racial.

In an interview with a local Iowa news station, King defended his support for Goldy, he says, “there’s this police action going on when someone has been labeled to the left, so we’ll all get away from them and shake them for what they might have said. “

When asked the question if Goldy is “a supremacist,” the congressman said, “I do not know. I have not seen the proof.” None came out in our conversations that should have stated. “

The king continued to defend himself against accusations of white nationalism and said, “No one knows me saying that and there are many people who know me … the people who know me do not say that.” He added: “I’m effective and they attack those who are effective. They try to marginalize effective people and they do it through threats. This is cyberbullying in progress.”

The congressman is on the rise of subsequent week events, but for a long time he has been a polarizing figure on cultural issues.

In an interview conducted in August that has attracted renewed attention in recent days, the king questioned the value of diversity and repeated his belief that it was not “a force,” and asks, “What does it mean that we do not have What’s Worth the Price? “

The Interview was published in Unzensuriert, which the Post has reported is” a publication associated with the Austrian Liberation Party, founded by a former Nazi SS officer and now headed by Heinz-Christian Strache, who was active in neo-Nazi circles as a youth. “The post noted that” the party has spaced from these relationships “but” recently embraced a tough line of immigration, while seeking ties with other very righteous parties and leaders abroad. “

King suggested in the same interview that Soros has encountered a series of liberal causes and speculated that he may have financed women’s March.

“His money flows in such a way that you can not see the flow, but if you trace it back you can connect it to his reason,” he said. Soros is a major liberalizing donor, but the fact controller PolitiFact ended last year claiming that Soros’s money went directly to protesters in women’s March was not true.

King also proposed in a tweet earlier this month as Soros has a plan to get immigrants to the United States.

Heidi Beirich, an expert on the Southern Poverty Law Center that traces hatred groups and extremists, said in an interview that “King has engaged in anti-Soros conspiracy theories by suggesting that Soros is a kind of puppet master behind the evil of globalism. He can say that it is not anti-Semitic, but that’s exactly. Years have people accuse the Jewish people of being behind a conspiracy to try to regret white communities and that’s the same as Steve King is currently doing. “

During the same August interview, the king said that an increasing number of people are worried that “Western civilization is abandoned” similar remarks King was criticized last year when he tweeted “We can not restore our civilization with someone else’s children.”

In the August interview, the king went on to say, “I have said that diversity is not a strength. Left only repeats it over and over, but it is thoughtless. What does this diversity do we do not already have? Mexican food, Chinese food, those things, yes, that’s good, but what does it mean that we do not have the worth price? We already have many diversity in the United States already. “

Beirich said that the king’s comments criticize diversity are aligned with the ideology of white nationalism .

“On the basis of white nationalism, the idea is that America should be a white place. It should be dominated by white people, driven by white people and in its most extreme forms, the idea is that non-white should be removed by society. King has said that non-white should not be imported into our society. A basic principle of white nationalism is that the United States should be a white ethnic state and that people of color destroy it and Steve King seems to buy into the term ” she said.

In 2016, Soros undertook to spend several SPLCs did not return a request for comments about whether Soros or the organization he founded, the Open Society Foundations, is a pioneer.

Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations, said in a statement responding to the Pittsburgh attack that attacks on Soros has continued “even in the aftermath of the shot”, adding that Soros “has been subject to countless anti-Semitic slurps from Bigots in the United States and around the world, “and says,” This has to end. “

King is not the only Republican legislature who is reviewing comments he has made in connection with Soros.

The House’s Majority leader Kevin McCarthy recently removed a tweet where he had said, “We can not even warn Soros, Steyer and Bloomberg to buy this election,” a reference to Liberal billionaire and Democratic megadomist Tom Steyer and former New York City mayor and democratic donor Michael Bloomberg.

Steyer, a vocal critic of Trump who has demanded his impeachment, was also recently the target of a suspicious package.

“It has definitely been an emblem during the Trump administration. We have seen more extreme comments from the GOP figures, it’s not just Steve King,” said Beirich, referring to the President routinely making anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant comments and warns that political rhetoric along these lines can help the kind of attacks that took place in Pittsburgh.

“Hatartal leads to hateful violence,” she said. “When you engage in hatred and demonize a population, you make them suspect and we know that hate crime is associated with hatred speech.”

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