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GOP Rep. Hill disavows ad with racist stereotypes in support of his campaign

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An Arkansas republic denies a racist radio ad supporting its campaign containing black women’s cartoons and claims that white democrats will be “lynching black people again”. “

Two women were presented in the advertisement, paid by the black Americans for the President’s Political Action Committee, discussed the allegations of sexual assault against US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and accuse Democrats of trying to change the presumption of virginity. 1

9659005] Women speak in racist troops and colloquialisms associated with black women.

“Sweetheart, I’ve always told my son, do not bother with it,” says a woman in the ad referring to white women. “If you are caught, she will cry rape.”

At the end of the advertisement, the women say they are voting for rep. French Hill, R-Ark, and Republicans to protect “our men and boys” from white democrats. The adverts claim that white democrats want to return to race verdicts and lynchings when a “white girl screams rape.”

Hill released a statement on Thursday revealing the advertisement.

“You condemn this outrageous ad in the strongest terms,” ​​said Hill in a statement. “There is no place in Arkansas for this nonsense.”

Hills Democratic opponent, Clarke Tucker, tweeted Thursday that the existing “must live with that kind of campaign” he and his allies run.

“This radio ad is shameful and has no place in our society,” Tucker tweeted. “We will not let these shameful tactics divert us from our struggle to stand up for the people of # AR02 on the critical issues of our lives.”

PAC Treasurer, Vernon Robinson, told NBC News on Thursday opposed the characterization that the advertisement contained racist stereotypes.

Robinson said that PAC paid for ads that supported GOP candidates and opposed the “ridiculous for the movement” in Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri. He said the Democrats “screamed like stuffed pigs”.

“Whenever left upset with my ads, it means they do not have time to attack Republican campaign managers to drive Republicans out of restaurants,” Johnson said.

Survivors of sexual assaults and advocates strongly opposed Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court when three women accused him of sexual abuse during his young teenagers. President Donald Trump, who has been charged with sexual assault from a number of women, mocked Kavanaugh prosecutor Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to his supporters at a campaign rally and has continued to support his employee.

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