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Goondu review: Assassin's Creed Odyssey

Was it only last year when I said Assassin's Creed (AC) Origins was a huge game with so much to…

Was it only last year when I said Assassin’s Creed (AC) Origins was a huge game with so much to make it take forever to finish me?

The newly released AC Odyssey is the way greater than Origin, and although I do not think I can finish exploring everything, the amazing Greek landscapes and the legendary historical sites like Thermopylae and Athens’s hot springs keep me from seeing more.

It’s all Greek to me [19659004] Odyssey, just like its predecessor, is an ambitious open world game that weaves in role-playing, stealth, action, puzzles, marine warfare and battle.

Odyssey is an ancient adventure driven by an intense and suspensive plot with the opportunity for in-depth virtual tourism on the exotic Greek islands.

The events in Odyssey take place in 431

BC. at the beginning of the Peloponnesian war, almost 400 years before Origin’s events.

Outside Animus and in the early nineties Layla Hassan, the ex-Abstergo employee who used Animus to access Bayek’s memories in Origins, now uses Herodotos book and Spear of Leonidas to go even further back to ancient Greece looking for Isu artifacts that will help the Assassins.

Confused? Never mind, just know that the game is set in Greece and the protagonist you play is a mercenary and not a killer and you can choose to play either as a man, Alexios or a woman, Kassandra. They are a couple of siblings whose DNA strings are on the spear of Leonidas.

AC has finally a female protagonist in the form of the tough, equal Kassandra. Here she stands with her pet eagle and eye in the sky, Ikaros. SCREENSHOT: Yap Hui Bin

Of course, I can not wait to play the game as Kassandra, the first female protagonist in a real Assassin’s Creed game, but for comparison I did a little with Alexios.

Maybe I’m biased, but I found him stiffer and more gruff and aggressive, while Kassandra is more engaging and sympathetic with subtle humor.

As history progresses, more is revealed about the past of the siblings, like the homeless cult controls the secret of Greece and the forces that make up Greece and finally the history of humanity.

While Kassandra and Alexios are spartan at birth, it means that you are free to carry out assignments for both the Athenians and the Spartans.

Unlike Origins where I felt I was always attacked, in Odyssey you can go freely and help each side if you do not go to a protected area.

What I like about Odyssey is that the decisions you make can change missions and assignments that are open to you, depending on which side you help or fight.

Sometimes, the missions you choose to cause conflicts – when you help the athens, spartan power will deteriorate and vice versa, and you have the power to change who occupy any territory.

So it requires some thought of what missions you want to complete, instead of just taking them all without thought.

The game becomes even more complex with important decisions that affect events later, such as killing someone or saving their lives.

And since the consequences are only revealed much later, the game only saves you before decisions are not taken unless you are willing to abandon all the progress that has been made up to that time.

The beautifully designed architecture of Odyssey creates some memorable moments and shots like this of the Snake Temple. SCREENSHOT: Yap Hui Bin

Fade a lot to do

If you thought Origins map with great deserts was huge, the map of the Odyssey map of the Greek islands with Thracian and the Aegean is to cross even bigger.

Often the places you see should look very far, but have a horse, a ship, and the fast travel to places you’ve previously synchronized with the real help to lower your travel time. If you dock somewhere and walked deep inward, you can also quickly travel back to your ship.

Odyssey offers a lot to do – besides the most important stories, there are also many page cookies shown on the map. These are quite well developed and some even have interesting stories so you do not feel that you are doing anything menial, even though you are.

For example, there is a fake old lady who requests that animal parts create an aphrodisiac that translates into hunting and killing animals. You may also be asked to collect herbs to cure someone.

There are also investigative missions, where you have to explore an area to look for clues, or talk to people for information. And if you feel amorous you can even romanticize some characters of both sexes by choosing appropriate dialog options. Yes, this does a lot of entertainment.

Cities and cities also have message cards that send work to mercenaries, which Kassandra or Alexios can address. But many such jobs are menic “retrieval” or “slay” missions, which means delivering messages, slaughtering animals and bandits or retrieving objects. Even though they are boring, they help you to earn drachmae and resources to upgrade your gear.

Participate in epic battles either for or against Spartan and Athenian forces in an all-out melee. SCREENSHOT: Yap Hui Bin

Tired of playing a girlfriend or boy? You can satisfy your bloodshed by participating in epic, large-scale and fought battles on the battlefields where you can fight the Atheists or Spartans.

No sneak here – make sure you have the best melee weapon, armor and warrior abilities. It’s because you’ll hit hordes of enemies, some who are elite enemies who can take many hits and expose a lot of damage.

Or if you’re sick to run on land you can break the monotony by jumping on your ship for a swashbuckling adventure. Odyssey’s well-developed, fully-featured naval ships allow you to participate in spades with Spartan and Athenian forces, merchants and pirates where you can make a lot of loot.

You can also upgrade your ship’s defensive and offensive capabilities, hire lieutenants to increase your ship’s statistics, and even customize the appearance of your ship and crew.

Odyssey takes shipping to the next level with an enhanced interface and options to upgrade your ship and crew and even decorate your trip. SCREENSHOT: Yap Hui Bin

Greek Gearhead
Odyssey offers a lot of gear including weapons, armor and improvements. You can improve your equipment through a smith by purchasing upgrades or engraving enhancements.

Engraving adds additional statistics on your gear that gives you an edge over your enemies and can be unlocked by completing quests, achieving some achievements, solving riddles or simply progressing in the game.

If you can solve collective riddles in the form of Ainigmata Ostraka, these will lead you to further engravings. Some equipment missing in the Odyssey that was in Origins is the shield, but because you can parry and counter attack you will not miss it at all.

To pay for upgrades for your gear and your ship, you need lots of resources and drachmae that can be robbed of fallen enemies or scattered boxes. You can also find some that are in the wild.

Another great way to get resources is to disassemble weapons that you have downloaded and will not provide. For those desperate, male and repeated mercenaries will reward you with resources as well.

In addition to fighting against Spartan and Athenian militants, wild animals and bandits, you must also hug with mercenaries who collect bounty for your head as well as murder shady cultures all over Greece. Keep the weapons and armor upgraded – some enemies can not be killed by stealth!

Is not wrong – some injuries will cause other mercenaries to chase you. SCREENSHOT: Yap Hui Bin

Tribute to Erebus and Athena
Longtime AC fans are delighted to see that sneak-focused missions and seagulls have returned in the Odyssey, something overshadowed in Origins by the melee heavy gameplay.

In Odyssey you can sneak up, climb outlook points and sneak off enemies in heavily guarded fortresses or camps – an important tactic that enemies can easily overpower you. To serve as your eye on the sky is the Ikaros eagle, which can help detect and label enemies, find potential goals and solve.

Like in Singapore, people in Odyssey are pleased to complain to a higher authority. If you are seen by any civilian affiliates who kill someone, destroy property, steal something or usually abuse, they will make a complaint, which makes your Bounty meter fills up. Eventually, an mercenary will chase you.

A precautionary response to cattle attack, even if it’s an accident: Not only will your Bounty meter go up, but they will recover and can actually harm you. I made the novice mistake of fighting a mercenary on a farm and instead became the attack of the chickens. It was an ill-tempered and embarrassing death.

Odyssey offers you the ability to strengthen your three-branch offensive and defensive abilities, where you can upgrade your skills as warriors, hunters and killers using the ability to earn points in progress in the game and by performing missions.

In addition, there are graves where you are rewarded with the ability of points when you solve puzzles and find hidden places.

Although you have so many abilities to choose from, you can only assign four skills from melee and the varied skills for quick access at one point. This forces you to prioritize the skills and restore the keyboard shortcuts before entering different types.

A whole new world under the ocean – there is so much detail to appreciate in the Odyssey, even below the water where you can see different fish species! SCREENSHOT: Yap Hui Bin

Face That Launched Thousand Ships

The graphics for AC games have always been highly acclaimed and Odyssey is no exception. The magnificent Greek landscape looks amazing both day and night, on fair days and in the rain.

Some outstanding places are truly spectacular and memorable, including fallen temples, scenic waterfalls covered by flowering trees and weird graves on the slopes. 19659005] Each region also has a distinctive feel, whether it’s the coloring of the buildings or the architecture style, which means you want to continue exploring.

Aside from mere beautiful scenery, the game is full of intricate details and activity around – deer digging in the countryside, leaving stumbling breeze, and non-player characters (NPC) are about their lives, whether they weave baskets, worship the gods or barges on the market.

But what really impresses are the beautifully made and realistic sea and water effects. Notice how the ships bark on the surface of the ocean, the sprays under raging shipbattles and dolphins that fade alongside your bow.

Even the underwater world is beautiful. As you dive for hidden treasures in the depths of oceans or lakes, you can see schools of different and colorful fish floating around, lost sunken statues and lizard shipwreck.

The Odyssey Sea Battle Camp offers fast and exciting action in the ocean. Board and rob enemy of ships. SCREENSHOT: Yap Hui Bin

Another highlight of the Odyssey is its floating epic soundtracks as well as appropriately tense music during stealth missions and instant pace change when you’re busy.

When you are at sea, your ship’s crew will entertain you with your songs while sailing – with the option of turning off if you need some peace.

Unfortunately, the beautiful sound image is confused by a sound bug after the game, where the dialogue has too much echo and sound lazy. Fortunately, I could solve it by updating the audio card drivers and adjusting the sound settings.

Odyssey fits better for a mature audience thanks to its colorful language and liberal use of expletives – not only in Greek but in English as well.

In addition, the potentially flirty overruns of the protagonist against NPC and the sexual induendos can be unsuitable for younger players. It is not least the violence and gore, but it is given because this is an AC game.

Bugs in the Ointment
An ambitious game of such scale and complexity is of course not without problems.

A revelation is the very repetitive character of a mercenary job that you think you have already done tens of times. At one point, I had three tasks that required me to kill goats, wild boars and wolves. Boring.

In addition, after talking to hundreds of NPCs in the form of quests, they all begin to look the same and spray out the same lines, by nauseam.

Do I Get Assassin’s Fatigue? I had always wanted a huge open world game to explore but unfortunately the things are repeating and you will feel there is a limit to how big an open world can be.

Due to limited time assignments and special events available for a few days as well as daily assignments, developers have tried to keep the game fresh, but they continue to add the long list of things you feel obliged to participate in and delay you from the main story.

Another problem with the Odyssey is some bugs that affect the gameplay, for example, the sneak mode does not even work when they are hidden, and the buggy enemy AI that causes them to not investigate, despite suspicion.

But most annoying, seekers sometimes rush away from you after saving them from attackers. You can not complete the assignment unless it is given to you.

Too many missions involve the slaughter of animals, some of which can be cruel and lethal. SCREENSHOT: Yap Hui Bin

Odyssey is a bold open world game in beautiful old Greece with the choice of playing a female protagonist, a first in the AC franchise. Even though you’re playing a mercenary and not a killer, Odyssey’s gameplay comes with more emphasis on stiffness than Origins to make a long-lasting AC fan happy.

If you have to compare, I would say that I prefer the Odyssey over Origins in terms of character, history and gameplay. Being able to play Kassandra is a big plus. On the other hand, the game is injured by repeated mercenary jobs, cookie-cutter NPC and some annoying bugs.

Odyssey is available on Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation platforms of S $ 70 for the regular version and S $ 134 for Ultimate Edition, which includes Season Pass with two DLC, exclusive gearbox and missions.

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