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Google's staff overlook women's treatment

Image CopyrightWalkout Organizers Image TextThis leaflet is provided on Google Desktop Employees, choose to participate in the concerted action Personnel…

 This brochure will be left on the Google Employee Desk and choose to participate in the coordinated action.

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Walkout Organizers

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This leaflet is provided on Google Desktop Employees, choose to participate in the concerted action

Personnel at Google offices around the world are ready to carry an unpredictable series of walkouts in protest against the company’s treatment of women.

Employees will require several significant changes in how sexual misconduct claims are handled by the company, including a call for termination of compulsion proceedings &#821

1; a move that would allow victims to sue.

Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai has told staff that he should support his right to take the action.

“I understand the anger and disappointment that many of you feel,” he said in a public email.

“I feel so good and I’m totally committed to making progress on a problem that has existed for a long time in our society … and, yes, here on Google too.”
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] Walkout Organizers

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Each expulsion is estimated at 1100 local time and the first was at Google’s Singapore office

Anger at the company has boiled over the past week since it emerged a senior graduate received a $ 90 million payout after leaving the company despite Google’s alleged “credible” claim of sexual misunderstanding against him. Andy Rubin, known as the “creator” of Android mobile operating system, denies the claims.

On Tuesday, another executive, from this company’s X research laboratory, resigned. Richard DeVaul is said to have made undesirable progress towards a woman recently interviewed for a job where she would have reported to DeVaul.

Mr DeVaul has not commented since his departure, but earlier the incident called an “error assessment”.

At least 48 other employees have been detained for sexual harassment without getting paid, Pichai said to staff. He admitted that the New York Times report had been “difficult to read”.

Personnel involved in Thursday’s expulsion will leave a note on their desk saying colleagues: “I’m not at my desk because I go out with other Googlers and entrepreneurs to protest against sexual harassment, misconduct, lack of transparency and a workplace culture that does not work for everyone. “

They also make formal demands on Google’s leadership. They are:

  1. An end of forced arbitration in case of harassment and discrimination for all current and future employees,
  2. A commitment to ending pay and inequality similarly
  3. A publicly disclosed intelligence report on sexual harassment,
  4. A clear, unified, globally inclusive process for reporting sexual abuse safely and anonymously
  5. The head of the University Diversity Officer to respond directly to the CEO and make recommendations directly to the Board
  6. Appointment of a Employee Representative to the Board.

Mandatory arbitration, a common contract clause for Silicon Valley workers, requires that disputes be dealt with internally rather than through other methods such as courts. Criminal decision makers say it is common not only to protect both the company’s and the accused’s reputation but also to silence victims who can not appeal against decisions or take further action.

“Employees have developed constructive ideas for improving our policies and processes,” Pichai said in a statement on Wednesday night.

“We take all their feedback so we can turn these ideas into action.”

Coordinated actions of this scale are unmatched in a Silicon Valley company, but follow a trend for increasingly sad employment activism.

“Women are tired and I do not think women are just women,” says Prof Kellie McElhaney, from Haas Business School.

“There are many” manbassadors “out there who are equally measured and use their positions of power and voice, which may cost Google money. I think you have to hit these companies where it hurts.

“I believe it empowers other Google offices when women and men look at this happening, that they can do a similar action that not only sits at or comment on each other or shares emails.”

Over the past year, Google employees have strongly criticized the company’s work with the United States Department of Defense, as well as plans to reintroduce the Chinese market with a search product.

Tech Workers Coalition, a San Francisco-based advocacy group, said today’s dispute was just one of several technical companies to deal with.

“We are in solidarity with Google workers,” said a spokesman for the group. “19659008” It is clear that the managers do not do this for us so we take things in our own hands. “


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