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Google will fix Pixel 3's RAM management issues with future update

November 5, 2018 Technology 1 Views Google has confirmed that it is aware of a memory management issue that causes…

Google has confirmed that it is aware of a memory management issue that causes unexpected program crashes on the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and it plans to fix it with an upcoming software update according to 9to5Google .

While the repair is not included in the company’s November update, released today, it sounds like it should come up with December update. Google told 9to5Google that the action should come “in the coming weeks” and will be designed to “keep background programs from being out of date.”

(November, however, updates a wireless charging issue where Pixel 3 would say it was charged at full speed when using a non-Google charger, which was not the case. Android Police says that third parties chargers now show the words “load slowly” to indicate the halved effect, from 1

0W to 5W.)

This particular RAM issue occurred when users combined actions from multiple apps, such as opening the more memory-intensive Pixel 3 camera while Spotify was running, an action that caused some devices forced to quit Spotify to make way for Google’s artificial intelligence-driven camera. While 4GB of RAM is an industry standard for a flagship in 2018, it’s certainly more than enough to handle a camera and streaming music at the same time, suggesting that it’s actually a Google software, should not have trouble iron out.

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