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Google wants you to use your assistant even if you do not have a smartphone or Internet: this is MyLine

Google wants you to use your assistant even if you do not have a smartphone or Internet: this is MyLine

Google’s latest initiative is to take the information with your virtual assistant to all those people who do not have a smartphone or Internet connection . How? Through a traditional telephone and the telephone networks of a lifetime.

Google MyLine is a proposal that has begun to be implemented in Colombia and it consists of a system based on artificial intelligence, that enables a telephone number to which users of traditional telephones will be able to call to make different queries, and obtain information from the very same assistant of the great G.

Consult the Google Assistant without having to have a smartphone

As told from, Google MyLine began to be operative in several parts of Colombia just a few days ago. The operation of the system is simple: anyone who wants to, can make a call to the telephone number 031-6000913, to get in touch with an artificial intelligence based on the Assistant API. In this way, they can make queries and, after a couple of seconds of processing, get an answer with information on a specific topic. Everything, without the need of a smartphone, computer or Internet connection.

When obtaining the information, the assistant himself will ask the user if he wants to make another query, or he will encourage him to hang up. Cainkade Studio, those in charge of developing the system using Google APIs, point out that since the industry tends to leave behind people who do not have the capacity to access the latest technology, MyLine is destined to bring the immense quantity of information with which Google counts to the millions of Colombians who do not yet have access to a smart device or do not enjoy an Internet connection.

At the moment it is unknown if this system will end up crossing the borders of Colombia to become a global solution, but without a doubt it is an extremely useful tool, with which to take advantage of traditional technologies to bring information to those who, otherwise, do not they could access it.