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Google tries a redesign of its news feed, and we do not like it in the least …

Google tries a redesign of its news feed, and we do not like it in the least ...

The boys of Google they are still doing tests, and for that they also continue choosing their betatesters randomly among the millions of users of its mobile services, of which every week there is news about what retouching or small novelties it means.

This time is Google Feed who brings us here, and is that the substitute for the now defunct Google Now, which now centers all the news and information in the Google application for Android , he has released an interface that we will be happy to never see again .

It’s not about the Material Design 2 cards that we already saw a few days ago, and that really looked pretty good, but a new complete design for the user interface of the feed news , which incorporates huge dividers between themes and a lot of wasted space.

Visually it’s an attractive change for the cleanness of the interface, but functionally it generates many doubts both to us and to the users who have been able to prove it, and of those who 9to5Google He has gathered opinions very similar to ours.

These thematic bubbles were already present in the feed , what He organized the topics and sections very well using subtle labels that they occupied little space and bothered less, allowing to see more content.

Now, the new user interface experiments with huge thematic cards that separate each section, eliminating a lot of useful space at a stroke , in what we hope is a simple test and not the definitive interface.

The new design can be used in both dark and light subjects, and you can have a look in the gallery that we have attached to you right here above. What we hope is that it does not reach everyone, and hopefully, we will not have to talk about this change again … Do you like it?

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