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Google takes “Find My Device” to the next level and adds indoor positioning – BGR

November 22, 2018 Technology 0 Views Google has made some tweaks to its Find My Device app that comes as…

Google has made some tweaks to its Find My Device app that comes as welcome news to anyone who misses or loses their handset directly. A new update to the app supports indoor mapping, which means that if you drop the phone, say a supported gallery (which is a key point – more in a second) you can not just see it Your phone is still in the mall , but located inside the mall.

As a paragraph from Ars Technica notes, indoor maping is in many respects the next big mapping limit now that Google Maps has most of the surrounding world covered and comprehensive.

From this paragraph: “For indoor mapping someone has to upload a plan solution to Google Maps and then set up some kind of indoor positioning system. Outside Google Maps can be powered by satellite imagery and images from Street View cars, but there is no such Shortcuts for indoor maps, which require each individual building owner to enter data. Today you will find indoor maps primarily for locations like airports, malls, stadiums and other major companies. If you lose your device in one of these locations and the indoor positioning system works, you can now get one Place in Search My Device. “

Here is an example of Google’s indoor mapping of Madison Square Garden:

Image Source: Google

The disadvantage of this news is that Google does not exactly specify which buildings The new indoor map applies to, so you are going to have a trip? A writer of The Verge noted GPS can also be a little screwed so the app can not display your phone exactly where it is located in the building. Sort on how my phone’s GPS often shows me like anywhere else than I’m when I try to haul a Uber, or I move when I’m not.

You can use Find my device app on Android, available here, or through the web at You can also just ask Google “Where is my phone?” Via Google Search or using a Google Home device. And of course there are other related features besides just the ability to find a lost phone. You can also remove it or call it to help you find it easier.

Image Source: Google

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