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Google Sounds Appears on Play Store Promising Pixel Exclusive Ringtones and Audio Visits – But It Does not Work Yet [APK Download]

According to reviews in the Play Store, the app Google Sounds that just pops up on the platform is super…

According to reviews in the Play Store, the app Google Sounds that just pops up on the platform is super addictive, a good time waster, can turn two speakers for a surround sound experience and prevents baldness. How is this possible? It is not. It’s just an app that updates your audio settings so you can get ringtones that were previously available only on Pixel, and see some funky audio visualizations. It’s at least what should be – none of the features are left yet, and currently downloading the app users without any real benefit at all.

The Google Play Store list shows screenshots of what the app will look like, complete with different colored visualizations for different sounds that you probably are already familiar with if you have a Pixel. When we tried to install the app on Razer Phone 2 and open it through the audio settings, we did not get any new ringtones or audio views. Additionally, the screenshots are not displayed correctly on the Play Store.

Some view the above screenshots rather than the actual screens.

The situation was similar to Mi 8 Pro, and we also tried to download via APK on a Samsung Galaxy Note9 and received the same result. Meanwhile, Sounds was preinstalled on our Pixel 2, but when we went to the sound settings we found no new visualizations. Essentially, although there are screenshots and a Play Store listing, the new design and functionality are not yet live.

According to some buzz in the Play Store comments, the update will be a server-side switch, so you will not have to manually update to see the change. Given that Google made the app public yesterday, it will not be long before we begin to see the new user interface. Meanwhile, we just have to waste our time on another super addictive app. Find the app in the source code below or via APK Mirror.

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