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Google removes a lot of apps from the Play Store, and this is what you can not do anymore …

That you can not put doors to the field is something that many of us have learned seeing how fast…

That you can not put doors to the field is something that many of us have learned seeing how fast and unstoppable some things spread on the Internet. Fake applications are one of those things that fly over the network , and that is that the techniques of spam and the suggestive of their slogans make them very attractive to the most unwary.

And if there was a paradise for the so-called ‘Fake apps’ that was definitely Google Play Store , a content store that for a long time prioritized quantity to quality and now struggles to improve the second at all costs. Ourselves We wanted to help you identify fake applications in the Android app store, although some alarm like WhatsApp Plus that we live last week is almost inevitable in our platform …

Google nevertheless wants to put an end to the Play Store problems at a stroke, and in its effort to improve the quality and security of the applications published in its store every day, from Mountain View, an infinite number of inappropriate or dangerous applications are eliminated to which today you can add a new category.


Creating fake ID cards or cards will no longer be possible with Google Play Store apps

In Google Play there were a lot of applications that you allowed to create identifications, cards, cards, diplomas or other forged documents , most of them specially created for pranksters and almost all with results ridiculously easy to detect.

However, with all the Facebook scandal still kicking it seems that Google does not like the idea that Android users can create false personal documents even if it’s a joke, so the application publishing policy has been hardened to prohibit this type of apps:

We do not allow applications that help users confuse others, including among others, the applications that generate or facilitate the creation of identification cards, social security numbers, passports, diplomas, credit cards or driver’s licenses.

Any description that says that an application is a “joke” or has been developed “for the purpose of entertaining” will not exempt application apps from our policies.

So that, nor joke apps will be saved from a burn that Google has already started , and that will review the Play Store database to eliminate all applications that allow the creation of identity cards or false cards. From now on, if you want an app to laugh at -or with someone falsifying a card you will have to look for it in alternative stores .

The apps to be eliminated are many, checking it is as simple as going to Play Store and search for “fake id” , although the truth is that most seem applications of dubious usefulness. I do not think anyone is going to miss them too much …

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