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Google rejects DuckDuckGo's requirement to create a “filter bubble”

Google has revealed DuckDuckGo's latest study claiming that Google's personal search results create a "bubble bubble". After we had covered…

Google has revealed DuckDuckGo’s latest study claiming that Google’s personal search results create a “bubble bubble”.

After we had covered the results of DuckDuckGo’s study, a Google spokesman came out with the following statement:

“This study’s methodology and conclusions are inadequate because they are based on the assumption that any difference in search results is based on personalization. is simply not true. In fact, there are a number of factors that can lead to small differences, including time and place, which this study does not seem to have checked too effectively. “

Google’s Danny Sullivan, via @searchliason Twitter account , was given

I will paraphrase Sullivans Twitter thread below.

The idea that different people can get significantly different search results is a “myth,” says Sullivan.

] The results may differ, but usually for non-personal reasons, such as location, language settings, platform and the dynamic character of search.

The time is also a factor, because searches are also performed a few minutes apart can return different results.

New and updated content is often added to Google’s search engine, especially in the “Stories” section that can change significantly in a short period of time.

Google Personalizes search results, although Sullivan says it only happens easily and not dramatically changes from one person to another.

Sullivan clarifies that Google does not personalize search results based on demographic profiles.

Those who want to disable personalization in search results can do this with the web and app activity settings in their Google Account.

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