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Google Play Store now announces events in Pokémon GO or Clash Royale


Although it may not seem like it, there is more world beyond Xiaomi. Although today the Xiaomi Mi 8 , Xiaomi Mi 8 SE Y Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition take much of the news today, we just found a new Google Play Store feature which makes us wonder how it had not been devised before.

The novelty affects the most hardcore fans of games like Pokémon GO, Clash Royale or Super Mario Run (which are not few). These games are the ones that most events usually celebrate in Android and it is expected that the Next arrival of Fortnite to Android also bring us the events of the game of Epic Games that already enjoy millions of players on iPhone.

Sometimes, if we are not attentive, it is possible that we miss the opportunity to participate in any of the events of Pokémon GO , Clash Royale events or Fortnite challenges that appear in applications, which is why now the Android application store, G oogle Play Store , will alert users when there is an ongoing event in any game.

Google Play Store now announces events in Pokémon GO or Clash Royale

How to view events on the Google Play Store

There are many games in Google Play Store They usually perform events on a weekly, monthly, or sim subject to a specific date. Apart from those mentioned, Clash of Clans comes to mind, Fire Emblem Heroes , Animal Crossing or Super Mario Run, curiously almost all of Nintendo. That is why the Android app store will now show alerts of these temporary challenges within the ‘My Apps and Games’ page of the Play Store.

Logically, we all have the fear that this will become a place full of publicity, but it is likely that Google will allow disabling the ads in order to keep the interface of the app store cleaner. We can not know for sure because this novelty has begun to be implemented in a reduced way and not all users can find the tab events on the Google Play Store .

There is nothing strange to do to activate it. If the new tool has reached your version of Google Play Store , you will find it within the section where the updates of your apps installed on the phone appear. The alert offers a brief summary of the event in question to encourage those who have it installed to run the app and participate in the promotion period.

Although the function is intended mainly for games, it is likely that soon other applications can also take advantage of it.