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Google Play releases (again) the change lists on the updates page

Google Play releases (again) the change lists on the updates page

Now what Google Play has begun to receive a new coat of paint to adapt to future design lines Material Design 2 , Google has taken the opportunity to deploy a new feature to all the users of the store , that despite having been introduced in the app code several months ago few people could already enjoy a function as convenient as the lists of deployable changes from the “My Applications” menu.

Thanks to this addition, which from today will begin to be available to all, users can see at a glance what news bring the latest versions of the applications , without having to access the page of each app on Google Play.

Google Play displays the change lists in the apps from the “My Apps” page

As I said, it was almost a year ago when this feature began to appear to the first users of Google Play, to subsequently disappear without notice. Now, however, it seems that Google is already willing to bring this useful functionality to a wider audience, given that More and more users have reported being enjoying this feature for a couple of days.

As you can see in the images, the change consists of the appearance of a small arrow on the right side of the applications, within the “My apps and games” page, in the “Updates” section . By clicking on this icon, a drop-down menu will appear with the list of changes offered by the application developer , where all the news that arrive next to the latest version are shown.

Of course this will only be useful in the case of developers who bother adding a list of changes with each update, whereas in the case of those who simply show the typical “Bug fixes and performance improvements”, or simply do not update the changelog -I’ll look at you, Google-, a warning will appear indicating that the developer has not added a description of the changes.

The version of Google Play that has introduced this feature is 9.4.18 , and therefore all those who have it installed, should enjoy the aforementioned characteristic. If not, it should be a matter of days until the new quick change lists appear in the app store.

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