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Google Play no longer allows applications to create false identities


The Google application ecosystem for its Android operating system has been improving in terms of security over the years. Far behind is that time in which you could find lot of malicious applications in Google Play And, after the last update of the privacy terms of the app store, a new group of apps will be banned: those that help you create false identities.

Currently there are many applications of this type of Google Play, although it seems that they have their days numbered. The manufacturer based in Mountain View wants to clean up their garbage store and it seems that their new goal is these apps that help you create a false identity .

Apps to create fake identities will disappear from Google Play

Today the Internet giant has published its new application policy making it clear that they will proceed to prohibit those tools that serve this purpose. While it is true that the vast majority of these apps are really bad, offering results that could not deceive anyone, Google does not want this type of content in its application ecosystem, so they proceed to prohibit them.

Also, the big G has made it very clear that “Any statement that says an application is a” joke “or has been developed” for entertainment purposes “(or another synonym) is not exempt from the application of our policies” . Or what is the same, although these applications are to make fun with your friends more than anything else, Google is still clear that he wants them well away from Google Play

Malicious apps on Google Play

As you can see, these applications are still available, you just have to Search “Fake ID” in Google Play to see the large number of applications available although very likely Google will shortly start to eliminate all these apps that are now considered malicious, as you have done previously .

Obviously, although the American company eliminates all these applications from Google Play, p let’s download the APK directly and install any of these apps in our Android terminals activating the option to be able to use applications of unknown origin, but at least the application store of the Internet giant will be free of this type of content.