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Google plans to remove Android voicemail

For several years, the Google app has allowed users to unlock a device with your voice when interacting with Google…

For several years, the Google app has allowed users to unlock a device with your voice when interacting with Google Assistant. After being removed on Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, “Lock up with Voice Match” appears to be close to depreciation and replacement on all other Android devices, as it’s not too safe.

“Lock up with Voice Match” allows users to have their voice work as a device password. The general assumption was that if a command you gave to assistant required additional actions – like opening an app – the phone would be able to verify that you were and get the command to continue unfiltered.

But the feature was considered “less secure” &#821

1; even by Google – with a quick alert user that this was the case before allowing it to be activated. Unnamed: “A similar voice or recording of your voice” can unlock your device and give someone full access.

As such, Google started with “Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL” with “Lock Screen Personal Results.” meant that Voice Match could only display e-mail, calendar and contacts through the Assistant interface, but further actions would require a password or fingerprint lock. Google Assistant has a lock icon at the top to reflect your device (see above cover).

“Use voice summary to access your email, calendar, contacts and more when your phone is locked. You still need to unlock your phone for some actions, such as purchases and send messages.”

Our upcoming APK Insight of Google app 8.39 reveals an “Updated Voice Match” prompt describing the exchange and “Lock screen’s personal results” Will be the “safer way” forward. This dialog is only meaningful for devices that previously had access to the old Android Unlock feature.

“Voice Match to unlock the feature you’ve used has been replaced with a safer way to get personalized results while the device is locked. You can change this in your assistant settings.”

In the comprehensive program, it’s safer and right decision for Google to do, with users to benefit from improved security.

This depreciation of “Unlock with Voice Match” and replace with “Lock screen personal results”. Not yet enabled from Google app 8.39.

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