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Google Photos becomes Instagram: “likes” arrive

381 If in the last hours you have started to see a new icon next to your photos in Google…


If in the last hours you have started to see a new icon next to your photos in Google Photos , you are one of the first lucky ones who can try the new feature of the Google app. Since a few hours ago the possibility of doing “is being activated Like “Or” I like it “In all those contents that we have shared with other people.

At the beginning of March the “code snorkelers” discovered in one of the last APK of the photo application the presence of a “like” tool that could be released in future updates of the application. Three months later, the likes extend to all users through a server-side update, allowing users to “like” by clicking on the heart icon that appears just under the shared photos in Google Photos.

Google Photos becomes Instagram:"likes" arrive

Are you going to convert Google Photos into Instagram?

If you are the recipient of a shared image and you like it, you can now touch the heart icon hosted at the bottom of the screen in the same way you do when viewing interesting content on Facebook or Instagram. Of course, you Google Photos It is private, so no one else can see your photos except you, which means that for someone to “Like” on one of your photos, videos, or albums, you will first have to share it with other contacts.

As it happens in many other applications, by touching the heart in a tweet, on Instagram or on Facebook, the user who shares the images will receive a notification informing that his picture has been liked by someone. As we say, not only are photographs affected by this new way of expressing our feelings, but also videos and albums shared with our contacts.

If you have not yet received the new tool that resembles Google Photos to Instagram do not worry, as we say it is an update “in app” so it is being deployed at this time gradually. Some users of Android they started reporting having seen this ability since the end of last month, so if you do not have the heart icon now, you should get it soon.

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