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Google Maps reviews: now with personalized searches


Google Maps is very active in recent months. After seeing as his last Beta improved favorite lists and that a couple of days ago the search by categories , now we have a system of “Reviews” or opinions much more complete and complex than we could enjoy to date.

That’s right, the new reviews from Google Maps they allow us to carry out much more specific searches of the elements or things that we are most interested in knowing, making it much easier for us to access the information that interests us the most.

Google Maps reviews that show you what you want to know

Until now, when we were looking for the opinions of users about a specific place, we had to navigate between the different results if what we wanted was to know a specific fact about the place or establishment itself.

And it is of no use to read 10 opinions that tell us that the food of a restaurant is excellent if then in none of them we can know if there is food adapted for vegetarians or allergic to Gluten.

Equally disappointing can be for a disabled person to go to a restaurant of great fame to discover that none of the opinions he read on Google Maps warned him that the place was not adapted for his wheelchairs.

Google Maps reviews: now with personalized searches

To make your opinion searches really useful, Google has included a new one search bar in the tab revisions that allows us to get much more specific information from a specific place, so now the user will not have to have the “luck” to read another person thinking about a specific aspect that was of interest.

In order to enjoy the new reviews of Google Maps we will only have to look for a place in the application, click on the tab of revisions (scroll down in iOS) and write what we want to inform us in the search bar.

Google Maps reviews: now with personalized searches

Google Maps reviews: now with personalized searches

The new custom searches are therefore a small addition to the Google maps service that, although it does not seem to be revolutionary, we believe that it will make more than one think how it is that Google did not think of implementing it much earlier. A good step forward without any doubt.