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Google Maps introduces the search by categories


At the beginning of the month we talked about Google Map s referring to the novelties present in its beta, which focused on a change of interface in each list of saved sites . Now the news of the navigation application comes when looking for places in a certain area.

And is that since Google They are rethinking the way we look for shops, restaurants or pharmacies around us, to cite several examples. Until now we had to locate them by means of the search field, but the application is beginning to show a search by categories in the applications of some users, as we can see in these images.

Google Maps introduces the search by categories

Places grouped by categories

The latest news we had about Google Maps is that the app was giving Huawei mobile problems due to errors in Play Services. Now the app plays a more positive role, since these latest changes in the service will allow users to locate shops and services much more conveniently and quickly.

This novelty is beginning to appear activated in the applications of some users, so it has not yet been officially deployed and it seems that it is a tool in tests. The novelty appears as a floating bar just below the search bar of the application and organized into categories, all at the top of the screen. This new feature appears in the latest version beta of Google Maps , but it does not seem that it will take long to appear in the Google Play Store or App Store applications.

We can slide this new bar from left to right to select the search categories by clicking on the corresponding “bubble”. They follow the design of Material Design that we can find throughout the application, so it seems that it is a novelty of google Maps list to be revealed to the general public. Currently, there are six categories: restaurants, cafeterias, supermarkets, service stations, pharmacies and hospitals. Just click on any of the options so that the search results are displayed on the map, without having to write anything in the search bar.

Beyond these new features, users who have been able to try this feature claim that they have not found more changes in the application of Google .