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Google Maps for iOS is updated: know all the news


The App Store receives version 4.47 of Google Maps for iOS and he does it with a couple of interesting novelties. News what we already had occasion to meet in the Android app and that finally is already available for devices like iPhone Y iPad . Among the improvements introduced are the timeouts in more than one million restaurants globally.

The big G carries a new version of Google Maps for iOS to the Apple app store. As the company describes in the details section, it is about the version 4.47 and it focuses on the correction of errors, but also on the sum of new services. Among these we must mention the inclusion of a section in which the user can learn about the waiting times to be able to occupy a table in a restaurant.

Peak hours and wait in restaurants

As well as the function that tells us the peak hours in business, Google Maps for iOS improvement in this regard by additionally offering a estimation of the waiting time necessary to have a table in a restaurant available. This tool, which was already implemented in the app Google Maps for Android , now for iPhone and iPad.

Google Maps for iOS is updated: know all the news

Compatible with more than one million restaurants, the user can anticipate when it will be the right time to go to the restaurant and not have to wait too long to be served.

Other Google Maps news for iOS

In parallel form, Google Maps for iOS in version 4.47 also renews the section of reviews and reviews of sites since from now on the user will have the ability to search and order such reviews in a more effective way, based on a series of filters.

Likewise, and as a third noteworthy novelty, the Google maps will allow us to consult the routes in public transport with exact indications about the stops and entrances that we have to use. The service has already been activated in cities such as Moscow, New York, Paris or Budapest, among others. In Spain, this service is already active in Madrid and Barcelona.

If you do not have Google Maps yet, you can download the application from the App Store . In the same way, remember to confirm the update of the app if you want to enjoy the latest news integrated by Google.