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Google Maps enhances voice prompts by reference to very popular companies

410 As users have begun to report, the GPS navigation system of Google Maps is testing a new method to…


As users have begun to report, the GPS navigation system of Google Maps is testing a new method to improve their voice instructions. For the moment, some cases have been detected in which the indications to take certain streets introduce notes to take fast food establishments as references.

Google Maps is one of the most useful tools of the big G when we move to a little known place, but also to find specific points of our own city or residence. It is an app used by millions of people every day, hence the special care that the company puts in its optimization and improvement. Each update of the service gives us new functions and the last impressions of the users make us think that the Americans prepare novelties.

More precise indications with fast food restaurants

Most certainly we all directly associate how Google Maps voice prompts work. “Turn right onto Calle Serrano” “Exit the roundabout onto Calle de Buenaventura”. Much of the instructions of the app have as reference the name of the street to which we must move. However, these guidelines can be somewhat confusing for those who are not familiar with the area or do not have the facility to check the sign that marks the name of the street.

To mitigate this type of inaccuracies, Google Maps seems to be testing a system of indications that the user is able to quickly identify and understand from more popular references such as fast food establishments. Who does not associate the logo and characteristic colors of the luminous Burger King?

In tests

That seems to have been the idea of ​​the engineers in charge of the development of Google Maps since throughout these days there have been several users who have reported how the Google maps app has introduced points like the ones mentioned to improve GPS navigation .

For the time being, these experiences have taken place in New York City. In fact, Google has confirmed that they are testing changes in the service, although they have not specified more details.

So, it is not unreasonable to think that in a few months we can hear how Google Maps mentions a fast food chain or any other place belonging to a popular brand so that GPS navigation is more accurate when offering directions.

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