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Google just made a big change on its website

October 29, 2018 Technology 3 Views Google does not often make changes to its crisp website. But it has changed…

Google does not often make changes to its crisp website. But it has changed on the phone.

When you visit the Google homepage on a mobile device, you now find that there is a Discover feature under the search box. There you will find a cured list of content from the Internet on topics that you can find interesting based on your web traffic.

Discovery is arranged in a short matrix that places a topic at the top and a single card from a media outlet related to the subject. As you browse the page, you’ll find other maps on topics you’ve recently searched for or accessed on the web. In addition to tapping the cards to read a news article, you can also refine your topics so that you only see content that you find interesting or relevant. Discover, you can also see more articles around a topic.

Google’s homepage on both mobile and desktop is notoriously simple with a white background and search box. The idea has always been to put the search front and middle and find content on the internet. While the search box is still on top of the mobile website, the cards below the search box make a definite, more messy design. Whether it will appeal to people or not persist.

Google Discover is now available on iOS and Android. It works in both Apple’s Safari browser and Google’s mobile Chrome. It is only available on the mobile and not on the desktop.

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