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Google is being vague with disclosure in early real-world Duplex calls

Google has begun rolling out its futuristic Duplex feature, which can automatically make voice calls to restaurants and other businesses…

Google has begun rolling out its futuristic Duplex feature, which can automatically make voice calls to restaurants and other businesses on a user’s behalf, to a small group of Pixel owners in “select” cities around the US. VentureBeat managed to test out Duplex in the real world and recorded what the experience is like when initiating a call through Google Assistant. That part seems pretty straightforward. Men den veksling mellem Googles realistiske lyding AI voice og et restaurant på den anden side af samtalen er at rejse nogle tidlige bekymringer om gennemsigtighed &#821

1; men det er ikke helt hvad du tror.

Se videoen ovenfor, og du vil bemærke det Duplex never identifies itself as a robot. Det forteller aldri at personen tar samtalen med et automatisert system. “Hi, I’m calling to make a reservation for a client. I’m calling from Google, so the call may be recorded, “is what Duplex says to begin the conversation. And that little bit – about the call coming “from Google” and potentially being recorded – is the only disclosure that it ever provides. From then on, Duplex handles the requested dinner reservation smoothly.

This disclosure does not all match up with a promotional video for Duplex that Google posted to YouTube back in June. In die voorbeeld (embedded below), Duplex maakt het heel duidelijk dat het een bot is. “Hi, I’m the Google Assistant calling to make a reservation for a client. This automated call will be recorded. “That’s a much better approach. Du pratar med Google Assistant. It’s an automated call, and it is being recorded; no maybes about it. Luther Lowe noted the disparity on Twitter.

But there’s a reason for it: this Duplex call was actually placed by a human. People familiar with the early tests tell The Verge that when a human operator at Google places a Duplex call, they do not disclose anything about Google Assistant or note it’s an automated call. Because it’s not.

This call could have easily been mistaken as the bone technology due to the letter pauses after each response from the restaurant employee, however.

“I’m calling from Google” is still pretty vague, and could easily lead someone to assume the client getting this reservation is someone who works for Google. Google har sagt at når det er en bot å snakke med en person, vil de høre en klar opptak at samtalen er automatisert – mye som den salgsfremmende video.

After Google first revealed Duplex and the wow factor of its stunning demo wore off, people were quick to raise concerns about disclosure. Når en robot kan låne dette tæt på en rigtig person – komplet med “um” s og “uh” s thrown in to heighten the illusion – der må være en meget direkte, umiddelbar forklaring fra Duplex om hvad det er. Google has said that it’s sticking to its word and will always make clear when humans pick up the phone to an AI helper on the other end.

“We understand and value the discussion around Google Duplex – as we have said from the beginning, transparency in technology is important,” a Google spokeswoman told The Verge back in May. “We are designing this feature with disclosure built-in, and we will make sure the system is appropriately identified.”

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