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Google integrates an Android P feature in the YouTube Android app


The recently completed 2018 edition of the Google I / O has left us record of a good handful of news that Google will implement in the final version of Android P . They can already be tested in the Dev Preview 2 , among which are the ability to control the usage time of Android applications and services . characteristics associated with the plan called Digital Wellbeing that now they come in some way to the YouTube app for Android .

In the same way that he did Manzana , Google has taken note of the magnitude that the dependence on technology . In an effort to control the addiction that can cause the user the ecosystem of functions and applications surrounding Android, the big G announced a program to alleviate this effect. The first samples appear already in the Dev Preview 2 of Android P , but the company seems willing to advance some of the functions in some of its most widespread applications among users.

Google’s Digital Wellness program lands in the YouTube app

He streaming video It has become one of the favorite choices of users in their leisure time, and non-leisure. Youtube It is one of those applications in which you can “spend” a long time, without practically finding out. Not in vain, the service is designed to consume content without stopping because of its algorithm that shows you videos related to your tastes.

Well, the Mountain View have decided to implement one of the functions that will come with Android P, but the advance to include it in the YouTube app for Android . The same, which appears as an option in the settings of the application, offers the user the possibility to be warned when a certain time has passed using the application. As the motto of the new Google project , the time comes Take a break after play YouTube videos during a previously pre-established time.

As you can see from the capture of this new option in the YouTube app for Android , that frequency during which the warning is displayed oscina between 15 and 180 minutes , although it is possible to deactivate it. In fact, the latter is the default option. Google integrates an Android P feature in the YouTube Android app

Google integrates an Android P feature in the YouTube Android app

How to activate the function take a break

To enjoy this tool that seeks to raise awareness of time we invest in playing videos on YouTube , you just have to access the section of settings , clicking on the circular icon with your profile picture that appears in the upper right part of the screen.

In the drop-down, we press on the aparado of settings to access the subsection immediately general . It is on the screen that appears where we can find the section Remind me to take a break , option that appears first among all other options.

While it may be a somewhat irrelevant option, the truth is that psychologically can be useful to raise awareness of the time we invest in YouTube, something that otherwise might be overlooked if we do not have someone next to us “scold”.