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Google eliminates competition within the home and will no longer sell the original Google Pixel

Right now there is no doubt about the fact that our mobile software is an essential part of them, and…

Right now there is no doubt about the fact that our mobile software is an essential part of them, and as such, always we must try to find a brand that gives us confidence in this regard, And if you can also offer us a few years of support, better than better.

And the truth is that, right now, The company we can trust the most in this regard is Google. After all, she is the owner of Android, Y Your Google Pixel 2 is the best we’ve seen, for the moment, in this operating system.

Google wants you to give an opportunity to its new terminals, and, since it can not be charged to the competition of other companies, it has done the same with its previous models, and you have removed them from your online store, let’s see it!

Google Back Pixel

Google removes the original Google Pixel from your store

Google abandoned the Nexus brand a few years ago, and it was at the end of 2016 when we saw the first Google Pixel, terminals with an aesthetic quite similar to the iPhone, but, obviously, with Google’s software, its characteristic buttons on the screen and its rear fingerprint reader.

This past year, the company renewed these terminals, bringing the world to a Google Pixel 2 for which we have quite diverse opinions due to the design, and a Google Pixel 2 XL that has been able to win many users, both for its design and its operation, and, especially, for its camera.

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Google Pixel camera

How could it be otherwise, this release caused a drop in the prices of the original Google Pixel, and now, for example, we could find the Google Pixel XL for around 450 euros on Amazon, an extremely tempting price.

And this may be one of the reasons why Google has decided to remove these terminals from its catalog on its website, despite the fact that there are still a few months left until the presentation of the third generation of Google Pixel, which will foreseeably take place in October.

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