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Google Dark Mode app roundup: All available so far

For many years, the Android community has shouted for dark themes in applications and systems all the time, while Google…

For many years, the Android community has shouted for dark themes in applications and systems all the time, while Google continued to release more and more white themes virtually everywhere. Slowly but surely, we’ve seen more Google Dark mode apps on different platforms. Here are all Google Dark Apron programs available today.

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Before we go into apps that support dark mode, why do we even care about it so much? Many of it comes to personal preference, because many users only prefer the appearance of a dark interface. In the late hours of the day, a big dark theme also helps with eye strain. A huge plus on Android is that, as Google has explicitly confirmed, it can save battery life even if you do not have an OLED screen.

The reason for apps to adopt a dark theme goes on from there and we’re excited to see that Google’s blurred eyes are finally coming on apps. The list contains every Google app that currently has a dark mode, and the list is updated continuously, as new ones are added as well. If we have missed a few, leave a comment below and let us know!

YouTube Dark Mode

One of the Google apps that reflects the dark fashion training is YouTube. The world’s largest video service launched an officially dark mode on the web and the iOS app several months ago, and it’s also recently on Android.

 YouTube Dark Mode

When you get on YouTube Dark mode, do not use a real black theme, but rather the same gray as we’ve seen in other Google Dark mode apps. The theme covers almost all parts of the app and desktop website from comments to menus and more. On the desktop, you can switch to the feature by clicking on your Profile Icon> Dark Theme> Toggle On. For mobile apps, we have practical guides below.

Android Messages Dark Mode

Google’s Android Messages app has quietly become a central place for many of the company’s new initiatives and it was one of the first with the dark

 Android Messages Dark Mode

Messages dark mode also covers most applications, including the primary interface, individual messages and menus. Many accent colors do not change when you switch from white to dark, but it looks good either. Byte is as easy as getting to the menu with three points in Messages and tap “Enable dark aprons”.

Gboard Dark Mode

Google Gboard is undoubtedly one of the best keyboard applications available for Android and the addition of themes plays a major role in it. Themed, you can also enable a dark mode.

 Gboard Dark Mode

It is obvious that the goggles in Gboard are not as “official” as any of the other programs on this list. The final result is the same, if not a bit better. By entering Gboard’s settings, you can visit the themes section to select from over a dozen dyes. This includes 5 options that suit the dark theme criteria, some including true black themes that are ideal for OLED screens.

Android Dark Mode w / Pixel Launcher

While Android itself still lacks a real dark theme switch, Google’s Pixel Launcher activates it to some extent.

 Android Dark Mode

Once you’ve installed a substantially dark wallpaper on your device, Google’s Pixel Launcher can begin to debut on the Pixel 2 family. Automatically uses a limited dark theme. This switches some of the menus and app box on launch to a darker color scheme. This even extends to pieces and parts of Android, including the quick settings and volume controls. It can not be the system-wide dark theme that many have asked for, but it’s a beginning. Google also allows users to manually change the switch in Android Pie.

Google News Dark Mode

One of the most common cases of using a dark theme is when consuming content in the evening. It places much less strain on the eye in a dark environment, and that’s precisely why Google News was a prime target for a dark theme.

 Google News Dark Mode

In a recently updated update, Google added a dark theme to Google News. It hits the entire interface once and also some adjustments. In the settings, you can choose to turn off the dark mode continuously, automatically at night or when battery power mode is turned on. It is true to the company’s foundations that make it dark, which improves battery life.

Google Maps Dark Mode (Navigation)

Another location where you find a dark Google mode is on Google Maps. This is not an app-wide dark mode, but only appears on the app’s navigation method.

 Google Maps Dark Mode

First, you’re still about a white theme in the app, but you can switch to the “Night” mode and leave it all the time. This is especially handy at night, but it looks good all the time of the day. You will be able to leave the dark mode 24/7 in both Android and iOS versions of the app. We have a practical guide below on how to do it.

Gmail Dark Mode (web)

For several years, Gmail has supported custom themes, and thanks to its web version, it has quite a good support for a dark theme. Unfortunately, it is also one of the more limited options on this list.

 Gmail Dark Mode

When applied, Gmail applies the dark theme on the web only to the public interface. When you open an email or click on a menu, you still see white interface elements. You can hope that Google will update the experience to improve this, but for now it’s what it is.

To enable this, you must turn the setting button into Gmail’s web interface and click on “Themes.” During the collection of images, you will see the Default white theme, with a “Dark” option next to it. Simply click on that option and press “Save.”

 Dark Mode in Gmail

Google Authenticator Dark Mode

Using 2-Step Authentication, and you Very Google Authenticator is a convenient way to keep track of the mandatory codes. In a recently updated version, Google placed dark mode on this app.

 Dark Authenticator Dark Mode

With a quick switch in the overfill menu, you can enable a Google Dark Mode for Authenticator. Like others on this list, it’s not a true black theme, but it looks great and includes the entire interface, except for some menus.

Snapsed Dark Mode

Google’s popular photo editing tool Snapseed is another place where a dark theme changes, which proves particularly useful when trying to focus on editing photos. It gives the same look as Adobe Photoshop.

 Snapseed Dark Mode

To enable a dark theme in Snapseed, you want to enter the app’s settings and the first option gives you a simple dark theme switch. Flip it on and you will be presented instantly with a dark version of the interface using the same black as Google’s other dark themes.

YouTube TV Dark Mode (web)

While the standard YouTube app offers a dark mode on all platforms, YouTube TV only offers it online. This theme, like YouTube, is the entire service. It includes the entire interface including all menus. Personally, this is one of my favorites that looks dark themes as it fits the YouTube TV interface very well.

 YouTube TV Dark Mode

At the moment, it is unclear whether YouTube TV will expand this theme to its Android and iOS applications, but we really hope that it will be coming soon. To enable YouTube TV’s dark mode, click on your profile> Settings> Dark theme> Switch on.

What’s the next Google Apron app?

Google certainly does not slow down by adding dark themes to their various applications, and it’s a big win for everyone. What’s next? We know Google is working to bring a dark place to the Google Phone app on Android. In addition to that, nothing else is confirmed. Tests have been discovered in Google Discover Feed as well.

Hopefully, however, we’ll see a dark spot in every Google app and Android itself in the future.

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