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Google confirms 48 people in two years over sexual harassment

48 previous employees in Google were fired from the company because of sexual harassment. This figure has come directly from…

48 previous employees in Google were fired from the company because of sexual harassment. This figure has come directly from Google via an email that has been sent on behalf of the company, confirming the different cases of employee termination. Google does not reveal employee identities in the email (available to view in full via Verge) but confirmed that for the eight eight, thirteen of them were ” senior executives and over .” The addition to this only represented those who had been fired for the last two years alone. Google left no further information about how many, if someone had been fired earlier in this two-year timeframe.

The email, which was understood to be sent to Google employees, was jointly written by the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai and Vice President of People Operations, Eileen Naughton, and appeared to be direct response to an article published today, pointing out various alleged sexual harassment and misconduct alleged to have taken place by Google executives at high level over the years. Earlier today, the 1

9459004 New York Times published a long paragraph focusing mainly on suspicions against Andy Rubin, the so-called ” Father of Android” and how actions the company has taken to pay Rubin a ” unusually generous sum ” constituted a custody of the situation – according to Report. However, the paragraph went into more detail than just Rubin’s alleged incidence by pulling on two other occasions where action taken and money paid by the company seemed to indicate behavior patterns in dealing with internal allegations of sexual harassment within Google. In particular, considering all three of the people mentioned in the report, employees were at high level, heading up departments, including Android, X (formerly Google X) and Search – the latter was already public knowledge reported in 2017 because of the The CEO must be released from Uber when the alleged claims had been published.

While Google’s email directly refers to the NYT paragraph and states how it was “difficult to read “, “Neither Pichai nor Naughton specifically mentions any of the original claims. Similarly, no one seems email writers have denied the claims either. Instead, the email content largely circumvent these aspects to focus on the past two years and how the company has made changes to create a better work environment in general and to highlight that there are now different ways to which employees can report similar experiences. The e-mail is also quick to point out that those who kicked within the specified timeframe did not receive ” an exit package “. “Which contrasts are strong with a point reproduced in the original article who propose retirement packages were part and parcel “in how Google handled previous problems. Another contradiction between the t The views are the proposal as previous cases did not result in actual redundancies in traditional terms, but instead, Google said that they had designed situations where the high-level employee could leave himself. [19659002] Impact: The speed this email has been sent to Google employees is extremely telling and highlights the importance of the claims made in the original article. Similarly, and even though Google has not yet made a public statement on the issue, either to the media or through its PR stores, instead of e-mailing employees, it’s an attempt to insure those currently working for the company as things have changed. At least that is what the content of the email suggests that Pichai and Naughton mark what is different now with Google compared to earlier focusing on new actions introduced over the years to ensure ” Google is a workplace where you can feel say safe . “

Because this information is now public, it is the basis for a similar message or that business posting will be done in the next few days and repeating many of the same points. It seems unlikely that Google will not want to make sure that this no longer affects the company’s image forward. What is a point to note from a broader perspective, Google has recently been on the receiving end of a number of news reports that are likely to be seen negative by the company and the public. These include antitrust issues in Europe and a significant violation of the data through the company’s Google+ service, which forced the company to announce the closing of the service last month. As a result, Google has actively tried to cover up sexual harassment in order to protect the company’s public image, it is unlikely that it will help project a positive image.

What remains unclear is whether someone on behalf of Google will make any statements regarding the original report and statements. Because these are of very serious nature and involve people who at that time were central to Google’s business. This is even more concern given that Google’s alleged actions give rise to further concerns on its own and beyond the proposals that the company cultivated an environment where high employees were exempt from punishment for actions that the same people noted today by Google have encountered. In addition, the confirmed 48’s may be used by some to suggest that even though Google is now proactively taking steps to ensure that people do not remain in government positions after credible allegations of abuse of power, the wider problem of sexual harassment in Google’s workplace is still widespread.

Since the publication of the original email on behalf of Google. The alphabet, Google’s parent company, announced earnings for the third quarter of $ 33.7 billion in revenue for the quarter. A figure that of course has missed Wall Street expectations.

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