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Google Chrome Will Soon Nuke Ads On Extra-Shitty Websites

Image: Google, Adblock Plus Google's Chrome browser is making further changes to eliminate annoying or malicious ad practices and punish…

Image: Google, Adblock Plus

Google’s Chrome browser is making further changes to eliminate annoying or malicious ad practices and punish the bottom lines of sites that use them.

Early in 201

7, Google’s long-term plans to clean up advertising online first started trickling out. Vi har sett webbläsaren i mute videoer som autoplay med lyd og inkorporere nogle ad-blokeringsfunktioner, der begrænser pop-ups og omdirigeringer. Google har sagt at blogger fra Google på mandag, at disse foranstaltninger ikke har gått far nok.

Google hevder at de ændringer som er gjort så langt har elimineret mindre enn halvparten av de abusive oppførelser. Det har tidligere blitt oppført som uvelkomne i Chrome. With the release of Chrome 71, sites that are still employing one of the infringing ad types will have 30 days to stop or Chrome will not display any promotions.

Google has framed this initiative as an effort to eliminate advertising that makes The web is a horrible place to visit. It joined the Coalition for Better Ads and based its banned formats on that organization’s list of a dozen least-preferred ad experiences. Tanken er at Google eier mer enn halvparten av den digitale annonsemarkedsdelen, og det vil ikke ha en bunch of shitty-firmaer som gør webben mindre sikkert og skubber flere mennesker til at bruge adblockers. Of course, there’s always reason to fear Google using its 66 percent share of the browser space to leverage more power over what is and is not seen on the web.

The search giant is making this whole process slow and the marketing industry has responded positively in the past. In February, Wired reported that site owners were attentive to advance warnings and less than one percent of the 100,000 most popular sites in North America and Europe were being affected by the change.

For users, the upcoming change should mean fewer instances in som de befinner seg, slår på deres telefon kun til at blive sparket til et andet vindue, kun for at finde det forrige vindue har omdirigeret til et andet uhyggeligt hjørne af weben.

Google seems to have learned from the public outcry when it started to force users to login to the browser in September. It emphasized that “users are always in control and can disable abusive sites filtering by going to their Chrome Settings.” Site admins can check their abusive experiences report to see if they are in compliance with Google’s standards.

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