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It has been less than 24 hours desktop version of Chrome 67 it was available for download on computers around the world. Little more time we had to wait for Android users to install the same version of Google’s browser on our phones, because it is ready to download in the Google Play Store.

According to the Internet giant, Google Chrome 67 arrives with improvements of operation and solutions for 34 security problems discovered in the last days in the browser. One day after the software was released for Windows, macOS and Linux, Google Chrome 67 for Android can now be downloaded from our mobile app store.

What’s new in Google Chrome 67 for Android

At the user level, the main novelty that we will find in Google Chrome 67 within Android is the change in the way to display all the tabs opened in the browser. Until now we could access a general view in the form of a deck, with some eyelashes superimposed on others that, really, slightly complicated the passage between them.

Google Chrome 67 for Android now available. Changes and news

Google Chrome 67 for Android now available. Changes and news

As you can see in the image above, now Google Chrome 67 shows a horizontal tab manager that replaces the current vertical to which we refer. The iteration included in this update presents superimposed cards and is very similar to the current version but makes more convenient the visualization of all the open tabs, as it already happened in Android P .

Is it so New feature in Google Chrome 67 it does not appear active by default, but enabling it is quite simple. all you have to do is open the browser and enter the following address in the URL field: chrome: // flags . Once inside you must locate the option # enable-horizontal-tab-switcher and activate it. Then restart Google Chrome and you will see how the preview of the open tabs is now shown horizontally.

More changes from Google Chrome 67

This version begins to test the new API of WebXR devices as part of the impulse of Google towards the virtual reality based on web that allows unified experiences, independent of the platform. This explained in a more “colloquial” way means that Google Chrome 67 offers support for all types of virtual reality glasses and helmets, making this technology more accessible to all types of users.

Download Chrome 67 for Android

If you have doubts about how to activate some of the functions that you can find in the menu flags from Google Chrome 67 , do not hesitate to solve them in our Android application forum .