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Google can launch Play Pass as an application model for the app – inferse

Google is working on an app subscription service called Play Pass, which would mean that subscribers subscribe to a selection…

Google is working on an app subscription service called Play Pass, which would mean that subscribers subscribe to a selection of apps instead of paying separately.

Google may consider launching a new service that would allow users to pay a subscription fee for an app bundle. Tentatively referred to as Play Pass, the service will serve as an option to pay a one-time fee to own each of the apps separately.

The above is still in the current steps but with only references to the same in the backend codes as well as the Google Survey Rewards survey pointing to Play Pass is seriously considered by the Mountain View company. It is also not entirely new development, indicating that Play Pass has been discovered back in June itself. However, there is no word about when the service can finally be alive but it still has limitations.

Primary among them is the core issue of choosing the apps offered as a Play Pass package in the first place. This can be tricky for Google because it may stop scratching any feathers, as all apps that can not be selected can accuse Google of being picky in their choices. Furthermore, all apps in a predetermined package can not be enjoyed by the user. A custom package can certainly be a solution to the fact that a fee for such a package can be fixed.

For Google, Play Pass is still the best it can go to make the Play Store more competitive than the Apple App Store. While the Apple App Store makes big profits every year, the Play Store has always been laggard here. The reason is too obvious – Android users are craving for free apps and are not known to be eager to pay due to an app or service.

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Playpasset is intended to appeal to this class because paying a nominal recurring fee can always be more competitive than having to buy each of the app individually. As said, users have usually been inclined to subscribe to services that let users watch movies, TV shows, or listen to songs. It remains to be seen what the user’s response would be when asked to subscribe to an app bundle when the service goes live, if and when it happens in the first place.

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