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Google Assistant wants to meet your family members to remind you of their birthday

Google Assistant wants to meet your family members to remind you of their birthday

Google has released, almost silently, an interesting novelty in its virtual assistant, through version 8.0 of the search engine for Android. Just like have discovered in Android Police , the Google Assistant wants to meet the members of your family, and thus refer to them as mom , dad or brothers , instead of having to say the full name when making calls, sending messages, or adding a reminder for each member’s birthday.

This functionality, available in the version 8.0 of the Google app released through the betaa channel, it does not seem to be active at the moment, despite the fact that the configuration menu remains visible to users.

Although years ago – since 2014, to be exact – that Google allows referring to some family members because of their relationship with the user, until now this was a functionality in diapers , which hardly allowed any configuration beyond adding the desired nickname for each contact. With this eighth edition of the search engine app, instead, a new configuration panel appears under the section of “Personal information” , called “Your People” .

As it is observed in one of the images on these lines, this menu does not include any type of option or adjustment, beyond showing the text tell your assistant who is who , and different voice commands at the bottom, which specify the functionality of “Your People”. Apparently, once it is available, users will be able to make the assistant remember each of the members of his family by his pseudonym, chosen by the user , and later add reminders with the birthday of each of them, or perform actions referring to each member by his nickname.

As I was saying, this function does not seem to be enabled at the moment , and if the assistant is told to remember one of our family members, he will probably add a reminder instead of associating the nickname with the contact in question.

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