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Google app 8.39 preps tab Material More, Assistant “Add Car” and Discover [APK Insight]

The latest beta version of the Google app rolls out tonight with a number of new features. The Google app…

The latest beta version of the Google app rolls out tonight with a number of new features. The Google app 8.39 reveals any future depreciation of “Lock up with Voice Match”, a material theme for the “More” and “Kitt” Assistant for Cars.

About APK Insight : In this APK Insight mail, we’ve decompiled the latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. When we decompile these files (called APKs, for Android apps), we can see different code rows within this hint of possible future features. Keep in mind that Google may or may not send these features, and our interpretation of what they are may be incomplete. However, we try to enable those who are closer to being ready to show you how to look if they send. With that in mind read on.

Redesigned tab “More”

The latest “More” tab in the Google app contains a number of settings and options, with Google app 8.39 revealing a redesign. Use the Google Material Theme, it contains the new style of rolled icons, rescheduled account switches and the Google logo at the top. Many of the same menu items are displayed, but “Search activity” and the new personal data “Your data in search” are now included.

Your Search Information

Kitt: Assistant and Cars

Last week’s beta added a “kitt_device” that we assumed was related to the Assistant on Android Auto. Google app 8.39 is back with new strings confirming that it is related to Google Assistant, while we also managed to enable “Add a car” in the Services section of Assistant Settings.







 Google app 8.39

Voice Match Removed

With Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL removed Google option “Unlock with voice match” that allows users to:

Say “Ok Google” to unlock your device and access your assistant directly

This “less secure feature” – as Google himself warned pre-served essentially as another password and allowed “a similar voice or recording of your voice” to unlock the device. Google’s new solution, starting with its latest flagship, allows only the user’s voice to “access personal results such as email, calendar, contacts, and reminders when the phone is locked” via Google Assistant.


“Voice Match to unlock the feature you’ve used has been replaced with a safer way to get personalized results while the device is locked. You can change this in your assistant settings.”

SETTINGS [19659024] Updated voice match

The Google app 8.39 is now preparing to remove “Unlock by voice match” in favor of the new “Lock screen personal results” option to all devices. This “Updated Voice Call” prompt explaining the change would only be meaningful for phones and tablets that previously had access to the previous opportunity.

I agree with

No thanks

Learn more

“Use Voice calls to access your email, calendar, contacts and more when your phone is locked. You still need to unlock your phone for certain actions, such as purchases and send messages. “

Get personalized results on your lock screen

You can turn it off in assistant settings.

Why upgrade? ] “Enhance your assistant’s ability to recognize your voice and take advantage of increased security.”

” What you agree with: “ Upgrade Voice Match and let Google create a unique model of your voice. This voice model is sent to Google when you speak with your assistant but only permanently stored on your Asset Devices. You can always delete voice match later in assistant settings.

“You seem to have already set up voice memos on these assistant devices:”

Upgrade Voice Matching on your other Assistant Devices

Google Discover

A number of strings referring to “Feed” have been renamed in Google app 8.39 to “Discover.” While the first tab of the Google app was redirected quickly to the new brand, New application to adjust how much of a certain type of content displayed and the new topic headlines are not yet displayed to most users.

Google app 8.33:

View updates in yours t flow

View Your Feed

Go to your Google Feed

Click to view updates and stories based on your interests

Google App 8.39:

See Updates in Discover

Explore Your Interests with Discover

Go to Discover

See latest about your favorite topics, teams, celebrities and more

Google Assistant app shortcut


Home screen settings

After last week’s release, there are more strings related to the Google Apps 8.39 desktop screen as part of the new general settings.


Add Icon to the Home Screen

For New Apps


The screen will automatically rotate when the phone is rotated.

] Home Screen Rotation

How to update?

You can sign up for Google Apps beta apps here or by going to the Play Store list on Android and scrolling to the bottom. The latest beta version of the Google app is rolled out immediately when it’s available.

We do not submit APKs to download directly with the legal challenges related to copyright and the ability to remove them. At the same time, the model is dangerous with Android App Bundles and Google Play’s dynamic delivery.

Thanks to JEB Decompiler, which some APK Insight teardowns benefit from.

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