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Google announces ‘interesting news’ in Google Photos for I / O 2018

The Google I / O 2018 is coming . Only a few weeks are left until the annual developer-oriented Google…

The Google I / O 2018 is coming . Only a few weeks are left until the annual developer-oriented Google congress opens its doors, and the company has already published on its website the provisional programming that will be carried out during the three days the I / O will occupy.

Although the complete and final programming will not be published until the same day May 8, Google itself has let glimpse some of the news that we will see in the different conferences that will take place. Facing Android users, however, one of the most relevant will be centered on Google Photos , the platform for organizing and storing images and videos.

Google Photos in IO 2018

As specified in the own Description of the event , the session aimed at Google Photos , which will take place on May 9 at 10:30, will be used to talk about the journey of a platform that has gone from 0 to 500 million monthly active users in a few years, while interesting news related to the service will be announced.

That Google is going to carry out a session specifically focused on Google Photos is, in itself, an important fact, since it will be the first time in the history of the Google I / O that Photos has its own space for developers and assistants. Therefore, it is expected that interesting news related to the platform will be announced.

Although it is soon to speculate about the news of Google Photos that could be announced during the event, it would not be unreasonable to think that Google could take this opportunity to announce, at last, the deployment of one of the most desired features by users from Your announcement during the I / O held in 2017: the removal of unwanted objects in photos.

It is a function that, despite having been announced almost a year ago, and having appeared certain indications about it in the app code, has never been available in Google Photos . We hope that, this time, Google is ready to take it to reality, although as I say, this is nothing more than speculation, and it is possible that the news we see are only focused on developers – after all, they are the protagonists of the Google I / O-.

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