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Google already tests the design ‘Material Design 2’ in the news feed and Pixel Launcher

Google already tests the design'Material Design 2' in the news feed and Pixel Launcher

The first clues about some renewed design lines in the Google ecosystem They were discovered back in February, when they began to emerge the first rumors about Android P . Later, however, we saw how this change of direction was becoming a reality, not only because of the arrival of Android P with a slightly renewed design – which will probably change even more in future betas -, but because Google was already beginning to pave the way by updating its most important applications , as Maps , Play , and soon, Chrome .

But those of Mountain View do not seem to restrain a single moment in adapting their applications to the new design lines. Today, according to have discovered in 9to5Google , the own Android search application will debut this renewed style very soon , which, in addition, will affect the appearance of the Pixel Launcher.

Material Design 2, getting closer: Google starts testing in your app

Although Google has not exactly been an advocate of circular interfaces with rectangles of rounded corners, it seems that for a time now, those of the great G they start to change their minds We have already seen how circles came to Android to stay , and I’m afraid that after the arrival of Material Design 2 – or whatever the name that Google decides to use finally – we will get used to a much more rounded interface in almost all its components.

You just have to take a look at the captures to realize. In the above images, we can see how the news feed of the Pixel Launcher undergoes a total redesign – another one -, with cards whose corners are rounded , which hits squarely with the corners, also rounded, of the cover images of each card. In turn, the fund of feed now it is more blurred, giving a crystal sensation that, until now, we had not seen in this part of the interface.

But we enter the application of the search engine itself, and we realize that, indeed, everything has changed. The white color predominates over the rest, and the cards just show an elevation with respect to the background , which breaks one of the essential rules of Material Design in its original edition. One of the most relevant changes is that the Google search bar stays on the top even if we scroll through the cards.

It is evident that, at present, this design is still far from its final phase, and much work remains to put an end to the inconsistencies that we still find in certain parts of the interface. What is clear, is that this is the new direction that Google has taken in all its platforms and services for mobile, starting with Android and all applications that carry your signature.

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