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If you think that Instagram videos are too long for your attention span and that one minute on the social network is eternal, you may not be ready for the next novelty of the photo application. New information points to changes in the time limit in Instagram , allowing users to upload videos of 1 hour duration.

According to different information, Instagram is considering raising the limit to a full hour, that is, a little less than a movie lasts. Currently the application allows uploading videos of up to 60 seconds or a somewhat longer duration through the direct ones of Instagram Stories , but Wall Street Journal points out that there are already conversations between Instagram and content creators to start uploading long videos to the social network, acquiring a new approach.

We do not believe that this will transform the application as we know it, flooding the content platform for one hour. It simply means that users and advertisers will have the option to publish footage of up to a full hour, instead of having to reduce their videos before hanging them on the social network (examples of movie trailers or video blogs come to mind).

Goodbye to the time limit on Instagram? You could upload 1 hour videos

Goodbye to the time limit on Instagram? You could upload 1 hour videos

The YouTube competition?

As we said before, the videos transmitted live can reach a duration of one hour on the platform, but they can only be viewed through Instagram Stories . The new possibility would allow uploading videos of one hour duration to Instagram as a publication, not being limited to 24 hours of life. The sources cited ensure that this function will focus on “Vertical video formats, or video that is higher than wide” , so this type of content could be accompanied by a new change in the application interface.

Obviously, when we hear about long-lasting Instagram videos, we can not avoid remembering YouTube, the place where videos are consumed, much longer than those on the social network. Is it possible for the most famous youtubers of the place to switch to Instagram in order to reach a wider audience? Only time will tell, but fortunately Instagram enabled a few days ago the possibility of Mute your contacts in the app , something that could not come at all bad if you confirm the increase in time limit on Instagram.