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Goodbye to the notice of “the application does not respond”: Android P will not show it again

Goodbye to the notice of"the application does not respond": Android P will not show it again

With the first public beta of Android P running on our mobiles for just under a week, new secrets keep coming to light, adding to the endless. Today,have discovered a new detail that, despite not being a differential change , yes it could be important in the face of the experience that users get when using the software created by Google.

And it is that for the first time, Android will stop showing ads ANR , commonly known as the “The application does not respond” dialog boxes. Instead, the application that, for some reason, Hang up or does not respond to the user’s actions, will be closed without further , thus avoiding to bother the user with warnings or dialogue boxes, while the developers benefit from this system.

Android P will close applications that do not respond

During one of the developer conferences held in the past, one of the members of the Android development team, specified the reasons why it was decided to carry out this change. Apparently, while this change will not greatly affect users, application developers will benefit from it, given that they will have the obligation to pay full attention to the problem that caused the application to close , through the tools that Google offers for this purpose, such as the Firebase failure reporting platform.

In the meantime, users will have the feeling that applications stop working less often , since they will not see a dialog box that indicates the failure, nor will they have to act every time any app, either in the first or in the background, suffers a problem and needs to be restarted.

Before finalizing, yes, it is worth mentioning that all those who for some reason want to continue seeing these dialog boxes in the foreground every time an app stops working, they can do so through the option “Always show crasheo dialogs”, within the settings for developers.