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Goodbye to the Hut of goblins: new balance changes of Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a strategy game in which you must summon different troops to demolish the towers of your opponent. Consequently, each troop is special and it has its virtues and defects .

The game development team, therefore, is responsible for maintenance and balance of said troops , which ones are excessively strong, which ones are not, etc. They are also in charge of designing new troops, such as “Los pillos”,.

The balance of troops of Clash Royale in June

Today, indeed, Supercell has made public a new balance change, that is, a series of changes to certain of their cards to try to put them at the height of the rest. In this way, you try to there are no “abandoned” letters or excessively used letters . Without further delay:

  • Spear goblins : after a nerf , now Supercell up the damage by 34% but lose attack speed (from 1.2 to 1.7). Besides, his first attack is also made later.

  • Goblin Hut : finally, a nerf worthy: your life time is reduced to 50 seconds (instead of 60).

Goodbye to the Hut of goblins: new balance changes of Clash Royale

  • Mega Knight : practically nobody uses it, so its damage has been increased by 23%. Its damage in area, however, has been reduced by 7.5%.

  • Barbarians : your attack speed increases by 1%

  • Ram : from now on, it can be displaced, either by a fireball, a trunk …

  • Real ghost : now it takes 1.6 seconds to become invisible. Before, 1.2 seconds.

  • Magician : your damage increases by 2%, the radius in area of ​​damage also increases by 25%

  • Valkyrie : your first attack is now done before. His life increases by 7%.

  • Ice golem : your life decreases by 5%

In summary, we see a nerf in the most used competitive cards, such as the Royal Ghost or the Ice Golem, and a buff to missing cards, like the Mega Knight. Remember that these changes will enter the game next June 4 .

What do you think of these balance changes?