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Go-Go's Scores Musical Head Over Heels & # 39; Closing on Broadway – Variety

Broadway will not go too long. "Head Over Heels", made the Elizabethan period farce uneven to Go Gos music, has…

Broadway will not go too long. “Head Over Heels”, made the Elizabethan period farce uneven to Go Gos music, has written a closing announcement five months in his Broadway run at the Hudson Theater.

Vacationers still have six weeks to come over the holiday season, but the last performance has been set on January 6th. By that date, the show will have played 188 regular performances, on the heels of 37 previewings that began on June 23 at Hudson.

A cast album was released less than three a few weeks ago, with 19 theatrical performances of Go-Gos or Belinda Carlisle solo cultures, reinforced by a whole new recording of “This Town” of the original five members of the group (the first time The quintet had been in the studio together since the 2000 album “God bless Go-Go”).

The music was considered to be an audience-pleaser, especially among LGBT audiences who took the laugh based on sex-biting and non-binary themes. However, selling a Go-Gos score incorporated in a remote century was always a tough sale, and decisively mixed reviews were not entirely helpful in drawing a crowd. The show fought most weeks to exceed 50 percent of Hudson’s capacity, even with more reasonable fares than many of its competitors, and the goodwill of some well-behaved producers (including actors Gwyneth Paltrow and Donovan Leitch) is believed to be a major reason for “Head Over Heels” soldier past the point when others could have contacted.

“In combination with my partners, creative teams and cast, we wanted to create a playmate celebrating love of all kinds and depicting a beauty world where joy and acceptance are governed,” said leader producer Christine Russell in a statement . “We are incredibly proud of what” Head Over Heels “has come to represent, not just on Broadway but also for future generations of theater guests.”

Many of the answers to the closing announcement on social media talked with the show with their socially progressive heart on their sleeve, like @HOHmusical Twitter account, retweeted messages as “Thank you for giving young LGBT people the story we were denied children. I mean the world to me. “

Ben Brantley’s review in the New York Times controversy when referring to the Androgynic oracle character played by the former” Drag Race “contestant Peppermint as” her – I mean them “of a pronounced joke that appears in the script. The review now displayed on the Times website has a note that the content has been edited. Brantley told the public, saying, “I tried to reflect the show’s light tone and a plot where one character learns to recognize another not as” she “but as” they. “Unfortunately, this is read as flippant than I would have ever thought, especially In the less controversial parts of his review, the Brantley show called “a shotgun of song and script,” wish “this strangely serious show could really kick raise his heels and let the message take care of himself. “Other critical messages ran the gamut. A Variety review of original San Francisco production enthusiastic, “The mix of 80’s music and 1680s setting is as ridiculous as it sounds, and that’s good.” A subsequent Variety review of the New York opening said “The show never recovers from the profound sense of fatigue”. The critical split ring had the Village Voice writing, “Shrewd, funny, sexy and with a brilliant beat” Head Over Heels “, you’ve been delighted,” while the New York Post carped, “This superfluous show is wackier than it’s fun.”

Some theaters outside of New York are likely to have a chance to decide on themselves. To draw on a limited but very fierce fan base and mostly positive mouth-to-mouth, is expected to be a tournament version for 2019.

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