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GM's CEO, Mary Barra, to meet with legislators among trumpets

November 30, 2018 Business 0 Views Trump renews auto tariff threat after GM's notice notice US International Car Dealers Association…

Trump renews auto tariff threat after GM’s notice notice

US International Car Dealers Association CEO Cody Lusk and Wall Street Journal automotive reporter Tim Higgins on how President Trump threatens to introduce tariffs on imported cars after General Motors announced job cuts and plant closures .

Following severe criticism and threat of sanctions from President Trump, General Manager General Mary Barra is expected to lead Washington, DC next week to discuss the company’s plans to reduce jobs and reduce domestic production.

Two congressional leaders told Reuters on Friday, Barra will meet with legislators at Capitol Hill next week &#821

1; including those serving the automaker sites on the final manufacturer.

GM did not respond immediately to FOX Business’s request for comments.

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Earlier this week, the automaker announced plans to slash 15 percent of its North American employee – about 15,000 jobs – and cease production at five factories in Ohio, Michigan and Maryland and Ontario, who criticizes the president and legislators. GM also eliminates several vehicle models in the United States, including Chevrolet Cruze and Buick LaCrosse.

As an answer to the message, Trump threatened to eliminate subsidies for the company and introduce tariffs on all automatic imports.

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