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Giuliani says Mueller has accused Manafort of lying about Trump

December 7, 2018 US 0 Views "In the case of Manafort, they told them at the time that they believed…

“In the case of Manafort, they told them at the time that they believed he was lying about certain things that are related to us that he is not lying about,” Giuliani told CNN.

Mueller’s team will describe for a federal court on Friday the alleged lies that Manafort told us that led to the interruption of the cooperation agreement. The archive will be read carefully for some signs of what Mueller has learned in investigating Russian interactions with Trump-associated.

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According to Giuliani, investigator Manafort told them that they did not think the president did not know about the 2016 Trump Tower meeting like Manafort (19659006). Giuliani said he is not sure that this information will appear in the Special Council’s peace certificate. participated with Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner and a Russian lawyer who had promised dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Giuliani, who received this information from Manafort’s lawyers, accused Mueller’s team of crossing the line by trying to force Manafort to say Trump knew about the meeting.

“They repeated the behavior over and over again, giving us AC lean indication of what they want him to say to get him out of lonely imprisonment. I find it horrendous,” said Giuliani.

Giuliani said that He only has limited insight into what Manafort told Mueller. Manafort’s lawyers only share with Trump’s legal information concerning the President.

The Special Council’s Office refused to comment on Giuliani’s claims.

Manafort’s lawyers did not respond immediately to a request for comments. [19659007] UPDATE: This story has been updated with the Special Council Office to comment.

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