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Gigi Hadid shares What's like going with Bella Hadid in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

November 9, 2018 Entertainment 0 Views Sisters support themselves. Just before the models Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid hit the…

Sisters support themselves.

Just before the models Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid hit the cat’s Victoria Fashion Show 2018, there was a party: this year marks the first time in the show’s history that the sisters will meet up together.

“It’s honestly insane. Being able to watch the room like this and seeing your family is a blessing,” said Gigi E! News behind the scenes. “Not only at the VS show, but all over the world, I feel like home with me. It’s also good to be the first sisters in the VS show, and you know, it’s really a glory for us. Yeah, that’s crazy. , but it’s very fun for us and it’s emotional. “

She also shared it while she has a blood sister joining the VS angel,” all girls are sisters to me and sisters to us, and that’s that’s fun about it. I think other girls see us and maybe they wish they had a sister, but I and Bella always take new sisters every day. “

In addition to the sister’s love model, after trying For the annual runway three times and denied, the performance itself involves a lot of her and her teenage self practicing her path in her hall.

“The first show was something I’ll never forget, and every year it’s still such an honor to choose again,” she continued.

But there are even more reasons to cele brate. Gigi also became sincere about the reason that this year is special for her. Her health is better.

“It’s interesting because I’ve been quite open with my experience of Hashimoto’s disease, my thyroid problem,” she stated. “This is the first year my thyroid gland is very balanced, so it’s very nice for my body.”

Check out more from the model in the video above!

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