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Getting hairy can save millions of men

(CNN) –When the fall chill sets in, you can see some men sporty scruffy faces. It may be laziness, it…

When the fall chill sets in, you can see some men sporty scruffy faces. It may be laziness, it may be a fashion statement, or maybe it’s a way for men to watch out for each other.

Many men give their razors November to raise awareness and funds for human health. Men die on average five years earlier than women, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Prostate cancer and testicular cancer contribute to the difference. Also, four out of five people who kill themselves are men.

No-Shave November

No-Shave November is an organization behind the fuzzy faces. It is hoped that sudden spread of beard will lead conversations at work or in the city about human health. No-Shave November also calls men to donate the money they would have spent on shaving for the month; The funds will go to fight cancer.

Movember Foundation

If a fullscreen is not your male MO, what about a mustache?

Movemember Foundation is a top non-state founder of prostate cancer and testicular cancer research. It started in Australia (where a mustache is sometimes called a “mo”) 2006. The organization has increased $ 837 million in more than 20 countries.

Mark Hedstrom, Hirsute Movember spokesman, said his organization expects to attend up to 400,000 “Mo Bros” and “Mo Sistas” (women do not have to commit to the mustache part). Each participant can create a fund insurance online, through which the organization hopes to raise $ 1

00 million globally this year.

In early 2019, Movember plans to spray a massive education campaign called 50 million men. The program aims to reach 50 million gentlemen with important guidance on human health. Hedstrom said that before 2030 Movember hopes that its efforts will help reduce prostate cancer death by 50% and male suicide by 25%.

Meanwhile, Movember provides a list of five ways beyond mustaches to protect their loved ones from ordinary human health hazards.

Just asking a man in your life how he does can help ward off depression. Men of certain age should have regular prostate cancer. And all men should commit themselves to stay active and move regularly.

But when it comes to financing human health research, the solution may be right below your nose … or on your face.

Famous faces

Some well-known mugs play together.

Jolly Green Giant already has a mustache and not just the logo for vegetables. The 55 foot giant in Green Earth, Minnesota, wears a 4-foot long mustache Ad Week reports. Mr Monopoly also did one. And Mr. Peanut participates in fun as part of the Planters’ #SaveYourNut’s campaign that raises awareness of testicular cancer.

If they can do that you can do it. Start growing now. You can still do it with just one hair.

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