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Get rich looking for Facebook vulnerabilities

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has uncovered Pandora’s box , revealing all the sins of Facebook, which are not few. Zuckerberg is trying to completely eliminate the bad perception that users have of the social network , and the last measurement makes it quite clear to us.

Facebook is willing to reward you with large amounts of money , according to the reports you send them with proof that there are third party applications using your data for bad purposes. As you can imagine, it will not be so easy for Facebook to make a good payment, they want reliable and quality information , so let’s tell you next this proposal more thoroughly.

The new Facebook reward system

Facebook notifications

Facebook has recently started its Program of Rewards for Data Vulnerability , as we can read in the Facebook blog itself , an initiative that, in theory, would benefit us all, in the search for applications that misuse our data.

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The rewards will vary, depending on the quality of the reports and the data provided , but they can reach $ 40,000. As we said, users must find applications that sell, steal or misuse the data they have obtained from Facebook. A good idea, which could serve to detect fraud, and reveal a good number of applications that do what they should not with our data.

As we told you, Facebook is trying to clean its name under any concept , and is that Zuckerberg has finally admitted some of his mistakes, better late than never. We hope that all this will help the social network to finally change its data policy towards users, which until now was at least questionable.

And you, are you prepared to look for vulnerabilities in your data in third-party applications?

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