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Georgia's Secretary of State Revival: Republican Brad Raffensperger wins

The Republican Brad Raffensperger just won a waste of choice to become Georgia's next state secretary. Raffensperger defeated the former…

The Republican Brad Raffensperger just won a waste of choice to become Georgia’s next state secretary.

Raffensperger defeated the former Georgian congress John Barrow, a Democrat who gave more than 50 percent of the vote with most of Georgia’s 2,634 areas of reporting. Raffensperger will act as Georgia’s leading official and oversee voting rights in the state.

The results come weeks after Georgia’s controversial governor’s race; United Georgia Secretary General Brian Kemp, a Republican, defeated former house minority leader Stacey Abrams, a Democrat who would have been the United States first black female governor, in a choice that was killed by voting on questions and allegations of voter oppression.

Kemp remains in office and continued to oversee the state’s election process through his campaign for governor, and finally left shortly after declaring victory in the election. Raffensperger now comes officially to replace him.

An engineer and business owner who started his first term in Georgia’s legislature in 201

5, Raffensperger has argued that combating voter fraud (which has not been a problem at the last election in the state) would be his main focus as the state’s senior electoral officer. Raffensperger has also criticized calls to counter some of Kemp’s more controversial methods such as aggressive cleansing of rare voters, claiming that opt-integrity is best kept by strict voting.

Raffensperger supports increased education for government officials, but would leave many practices unchanged from Kemp’s service life. He was supported by Kemp and President Donald Trump, who recently tweeted that the candidate would be “awesome” for the state.

The Republican victory in the runoff is particularly important and concludes a race that is largely seen as a referendum on recent voting controversy. And in the weeks before the election, Abrams, associated with bourgeois and voting rights, claimed that runoff was an important part of a major struggle for minority voting in the state.

Raffensperger’s victory comes after months of controversy around Georgia’s rolling system

The December run came more than two weeks after Abrams finished his campaign with a speech confirming that Kemp had legally won the race but ended up acknowledging or saying that the election as a whole was legitimate. “I will not admit that the erosion of our democracy is not right,” she said at that time.

On November 27, a few groups allied with Abrams filed a trial aimed at reviewing the state’s controversial rolling system. that it violated the constitutional rights of color pickers. In order to resolve this, the applicants proposed reforms, including ending using electronic voting machines without paper traces and stopping the removal of rare voters.

This trial is just one of several to challenge voice constraints in Georgia in recent weeks. Before and after the election in 2018, other moves that challenged parts of Georgia’s voting system, such as the “exact match” registration rule and the rejection of some absentee votes, won for bourgeois groups. With the Raffensperger election, these legal fights and other fights over elections in Georgia are likely to continue.

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